PM Modi: India Must Achieve Financial 'Atmanirbhar' Status in 10 Years

PM Modi: India Must Achieve Financial 'Atmanirbhar' Status in 10 Years
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addressing the 90th anniversary celebrations of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), articulated a vision for India to achieve financial self-reliance over the next decade. Reflecting on the nation's economic journey since 2014, Modi highlighted India's emergence from inherited challenges to a position poised for significant progress.
Emphasizing India's youthful demographic advantage, Modi underscored the importance of policies that facilitate growth across various sectors, including green energy, digital technology, defense, MSMEs, space, and tourism. He urged the RBI to devise innovative policies tailored to these burgeoning industries, catering to the aspirations of the youth.
Recognizing the global challenge of balancing inflation control with economic growth, Modi urged the RBI to pioneer a model that could set a precedent globally, particularly for developing economies. He stressed the importance of ensuring the accessibility and acceptability of the Indian Rupee worldwide.
Modi envisioned India as a global growth engine in the coming years, with minimal susceptibility to global economic fluctuations. He outlined a trajectory toward enhanced financial independence, positioning India as a key player in driving global economic growth.
The event witnessed the presence of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das, and other dignitaries. As India charts its course towards financial self-reliance, Modi's vision articulated at the RBI anniversary celebrations sets a roadmap for the nation's economic trajectory over the next decade.