Indus Multiplier Max

Indus Multiplier Max

Do bank account balances and savings deposits hold much of your income? If they do, you understand that a lot of efforts go into just ‘managing’ bank accounts. Add to that, the processes involved are complex. Why maintain two accounts for savings and deposits when you can do both in one? How, you ask. The Indus Multiplier Max account is the answer to less effort and more banking gains.

What is the Indus Multiplier Max Account? 

This savings account offers the dual benefit of a savings account and a fixed deposit account, through a smart sweep feature. What this does is that it converts any amount above the threshold as a fixed deposit account and intelligently manages your minimum balance by liquidating the required amount into the linked Savings Account. For example, the minimum balance is 10,000 and you maintain an amount of 22,000. Here, 2000 will be converted as a fixed deposit. If your balance goes below 10,000 by 1000, the difference is broken off from the fixed deposit of 2000 and added to your main account to maintain the minimum balance. 

Features of Indus Multiplier Max

Take a look at some salient features of the Indus Multiplier Max account.

Linked Sweep FD

The linked-sweep fixed deposit feature is what collects the amount above the minimal balance. With this duality, the benefit is that you earn a higher rate of return than you earn with a standard savings account. 

Offers and Discounts

Customers enjoy a whole world of exciting benefits –

  • Cashback on all your spends: Earn rewards on shopping with your Titanium Debit Card. Redeem these reward points for Cashback.
  • Dining Delights: Enjoy upto 15% off on the best of restaurants in your city.
  • Best of Deals: Fabulous offers on Travel, Fashion & Shopping.
  • Complimentary Insurance: Enjoy complimentary Insurance cover worth 3.5L with your Titanium Debit Card.

Account Requirements

  • Account-holders need to maintain a minimum balance of 10,000
  • Amounts above 20,000 will automatically be converted into fixed deposits
  • No penalties in case of FD premature closure are applicable on the account

Why Choose the Indus Multiplier Max?

With this innovative product by IndusInd Bank, customers earn higher interest rates compared to a vanilla savings account. What’s more, you earn attractive cashbacks and rewards when you spend with your IndusInd Bank debit card. From fashion to shopping and travel, you enjoy limitless deals with your Indus Multiplier Max account.

More than anything else, IndusInd Bank is a name you can trust. The bank allows you to open an account with some basic documentation formalities. Its commitment to ‘banking with convenience’ is apparent in all its services as customers can vouch for a seamless banking experience.

Maintaining separate accounts for different banking needs is a hassle we’re all familiar with. With the Indus Multiplier Max account, you can bank smarter and in a smooth fashion. Enjoy the dual benefits of higher fixed deposit rates and the flexibility of a savings account with the Indus Multiplier Max. With IndusInd Bank, customers can experience truly innovative banking!