India's 6 Biggest Diamontaires

Bangalore: From Marilyn Monroe to Rihanna; women’s love for diamonds has existed from decades. The most captivating aspect of diamonds are their rarity, value, and the way they gracefully reflect light, while being the hardest metal.

Apart from diamonds being the girl’s best friend, they have also become the symbol of romantic love story and have been deeply rooted in our culture and ethics.

It is estimated that in India the diamond business is worth 70, 000 crore. Here is a list of 6 Indian diamontaires who are considered to be the biggest players in Indian diamond business.

1. Nirav Modi - Firestar Diamonds

Turnover: 5,000 crore

Key Business Facts: Sole jewellery supplier to all armed forces bases in the U.S.A.

USP: Sourcing Rare Diamonds, For Example, The Famous Golconda

Nirav Modi was born in a diamantaire family; he joined his uncle Mehul Choksi, Chairman Gitanjali Jewellers, at the age of 19 to educate himself about the family business. After being working for about 10 years with his uncle, Nirav Modi decided to start his own company.

As a result he started looking for the world’s finest and rarest diamonds. Along with his brother, Neerav started exploring yellow diamonds, white stones from Russia and pink diamonds around the world. And this was the time, Neerav decided to name his company as “Firestar”.

In the year 2005, Firestar bought a company at New York and in 2007 it took over a U.S. based company called “Sandberg & Sikorski”.

The best opportunity came to Neerav was in the year 2010, when he auctioned his Golconda lotus diamond necklace at Christies's for 16 crore. Since, then, he sends one of his exclusive diamond pieces to Christie's and Sotheby in Geneva, Hong Kong and New York.

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