How These Rich Techies Spend Their Vacation

3. Paul Allen

An American investor and philanthropist, Paul Gardner Allen is best known as the co-founder, with Bill Gates, of Microsoft Corporation.  Paul Allen has bought 387 acres on Lopez Island which can offer him r solace from the messy crowds.  Allen likes traveling to hot spot St. Barts, an island in the French West Indies which is popular for its casual elegance and fashion.   

The Multi-billionaire Allen owns a fully operational 40-foot yellow submarine for which he spent a huge sum of $12 million. Allen's obsession for these gorgeous water beasts could be the reason that his net worth is only a third to that of Bill Gates. 

Paul Allens owns a number of yachts, and Meduse, a 199 feet yacht is one among them.  Meduse, a superyacht has the enough space to provide a comfortable overnight journey to a maximum of 12 passengers and 15 members of crew. The yacht also has a helicopter pad.

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