Which type of credit cards should you consider?

Which type of credit cards should you consider?

Credit cards permit ample breathing space in your budget so that you don’t have to delay making a purchase. With a credit card, you can buy goods and services securely and conveniently, earn reward points that can save you money and even get emergency loans.

But, before applying for credit cards in India, be sure to shop around and learn about the various types of cards available in the market.

Banks and financial companies offer different types of credit cards that are classified based on the perks they offer, your income and spending patterns, and your eligibility. So, compare the most popular types of credit card to choose the one that is suitable for your needs and gives you access to an array of benefits too.

Take a look at some of the common types of credit cards.

1. Fuel credit card

When you use a petrol or fuel credit card, you can earn reward points and discounts every time you purchase fuel from partner outlets. This card may also give you cashback offers and reward points on other spends along with fuel surcharge waivers. Choose this card if you commute using your own vehicle regularly and if you get a good offer that keeps your transaction costs low.

2. Travel credit card

Travel credit cards offer unlimited benefits on your hotel and airplane bookings.These cards especially allow you to reap huge rewards for every travel-related transaction made in India and overseas. Most travel credit card issuers have tie- ups with airline and travel companies that allow you to enjoy maximum benefits. When you use a travel credit card you may get air miles, free access to airport lounges and more. Some credit cards also let you convert the reward points that you earn on your other transactions into air miles so that you can redeem these points to book flight tickets and also upgrade seats when required. Additionally, travel credit cards offer travel insurance and more points on hotel and holiday bookings. Some may also allow you to convert the cost of travel bookings into EMIs.

3. Credit cards for women

Lenders are now offering credit cards designed especially for women. From making utility bill payments easy to shopping online and buying groceries from partner outlets, these cards offer ample perks. Credit cards for women usually offer higher reward points and cashback as compared to ordinary credit cards. Moreover, these cards also let you waive off fuel surcharge fees and offer insurance and travel benefits too.

4. Business credit card

Business credit cards are mainly designed keeping corporates, MNCs and business establishments in mind. Employers of such establishments offer business credit cards to their employees, which they can only use for business transactions and other lifestyle needs. A business card offers reward points, cashbacks and discounts on hotel bookings and travel transactions. Some cards also offer insurance, waivers on fuel surcharge, free airport lounge access, cashback on bill payments and other benefits.

5. Cashback credit card

A cashback credit card offers cashbacks from 5% to 20% on your transactions. Cashbacks are offered on a broad range of expenditure like utility bill payments, movie ticket purchases, restaurant bills, grocery purchases and more. Along with cashbacks, these cards offer waivers on fuel surcharge, shopping privileges, rewards points on your spending and more. This card is usually very lucrative and rewarding irrespective of your usage.

Keeping these credit card varieties in mind, measure your needs and opt for a credit card that suits you the best. Remember to choose the one that charges the lowest interest on your transactions and gives you access to most benefits and rewards. In this regard, you can consider availing a Bajaj Finserv RBL SuperCard for which you can qualify with ease based on simple credit card eligibility criteria. Moreover, you can choose any of the available 7 SuperCard variants based on your needs and pay minimal charges while enjoying maximum benefits. With the SuperCard you will be able to enjoy an array of affordable and convenient features like interest-free emergency loans for up to 90 days, interest-free ATM withdrawal on your credit card limit , offers on movie ticket purchases, airport lounge access, the ability to convert your spends into EMIs, high rewards points that can be redeemed for electronics and other goods, and a lot more.

Before you apply for a SuperCard, be sure to check out your pre-approved offers to get instant approval on your credit card application. Utilise this hassle-free application process to make the best of a deal that has been designed keeping you in mind!

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