Is Your Financial Adviser Ideal For You?

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, May 31, 2012   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: An investment or financial advisor is a professional individual or a firm who advices the best for you to handle your money, invest and help you gain from it. For instance, those who give you advice on – how to invest in bonds, stocks, mutual funds and exchange traded funds and also allocate you assets and receive compensation from you are the financial advisors.

They can also be relationship managers, financial advisers, wealth managers, financial planners or private bankers. They help their clients deal with various personal finance issues through proper planning.

Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

You may know what is a Mutual fund, or some Tax Laws. You may also trade in a Stock Market, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need a Financial Advisor or Planner.

Financial Planners are the persons who have done the certification and thus are professionals who have learned strategies, gone through in-depth knowledge to understand how to redistribute a common man’s financial mess. He comes up with a sound long term plan which helps a common man achieve his/her financial goals in future.

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Reader's comments(2)
1: Is your Financial Advisor Ideal for you - Have you considered the fact that an Advisor is in the business to earn and not for charity? Now consider the fact that the commissions involved are the source of earning, now AMFI has framed rules such that there is more percentage of commission in a New Fund than in an existing one, which is negligible . So it is but natural the poor Advisor will only promote a new fund when it is Launched.
Now you are saying do not let the Advisor take cheques in advance or to operate the account, this may be understood wrongly by some and they may loose out by not investing Systematically - SIP (where instruction has to be given to the bank for monthly investment). I think you should write articles on how to invest and deal with topics like Debt and equity and how to run ahead of Inflation rather than trying to find fault with some profession that to most is grossly underpaying. You are forgetting the huge population that is yet to open a Demat account and speaking of the elite who already know how to invest and grow Money. The young generation should be thought financial discipline and Investment as you rightly mention but that can be done by more learned advice than by highlighting the mistake that is due to the rules themselves.
Posted by:Venkateshwaran - 01 Jun, 2012
Who want Financial Adviser who having more black money how can invest.That the financel advise give then good.
Gautam Replied to: - 14 Jun, 2012
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