Father's Day Financial Advice - Which is the Best Investment Plan for Your Father?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, June 15, 2018
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Father's Day Financial Advice - Which is the Best Investment Plan for  Your Father?

One's father is often the first superhero that a child is introduced to in his/her life. He represents everything that the child considers to be awe-inspiring and worth living up to. For the warrior that he is, a father deserves a fitting reward for being the beacon of light in his child's life. What better way to reward your father's struggles and victories on the playing field of life by paving a road for him towards a bright future? With the benefits offered through Fixed Deposit for senior citizens by Bajaj Finance, this reward is now merely a few mouse clicks away.

FD for Senior Citizens - A Plan with Multiple Benefits

A Fixed Deposit account is the epitome of safety when it comes to the range of investment options. It is the best option for someone who wants to leave his life of risk-taking and adventure behind to embrace a more easygoing lifestyle. With a minimum deposit of INR 25,000, the ease and convenience associated with starting a Fixed Deposit for your father is at an all-time high!

This deposit amount allows for a further convenience, which is the ability to start investing without having to adhere to any sort of time frame. In other words, with the FD for senior citizens plan, your father can start investing without having to wait for a large sum to accumulate in his account. With the help of the FD calculator, he can also calculate the interest rates associated with his account on the amount invested. By helping your father to construct a monthly investment plan with the help of the FD calculator, you can develop a powerful way for him to accumulate enough capital for a comfortable retired life.

However, if you’re looking for instant financing options, you can choose pre-approved offers by Bajaj Finserv, where your wait time is less, and you can access your money instantly.

Investment Planning Made Systematic

With the help of the FD for senior citizens plan, you have the chance to develop a comprehensive yet easily manageable plan for your father. With our branches spread across the nation, you can open a Fixed Deposit account with Bajaj Finance from over 200 cities in India. With the intuitive user interface that our website is equipped with, your father can keep a watchful eye over all his monthly investments. With such an investment plan, financial management is bound to be smooth sailing for anyone! Of course, simplicity and convenience are not the only perks.

Interest Rates that Guarantee High Monthly Returns

The FD interest rates associated with the senior citizen plan are designed to provide the opportunity to accumulate the highest monthly returns possible through this mode of investment. As compared to a normal Fixed Deposit account, the FD for senior citizens plan offers up to 0.35% extra on the interest rates. This makes for an investing experience that is suited for individuals like your father, who deserves a means of earning that is built on respect and admiration for their position in society as well as in your family.


With Bajaj Finance, developing an investment plan for the person who taught you some of your first life lessons, needs to be a process that you enjoy and put a lot of love and consideration into. So, before you start finalizing the plan, make sure you read about the common mistakes that one should always avoid when opting for FDs. Also, make sure you realize the intricate ways in which the FD calculator can help you create the perfect investment plan for your father.

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