Avoid These 5 Credit Card Charges and Save Money

Bangalore: Statistics show that the usage of credits cards in India has surged over the years. Credit cards come with undefined happiness, but when you don’t use it in a right way you might get into a serious problem.

Although most of you make your payments using your credit cards, many do not have proper knowledge about the card usage. Billions of transactions are done every year using the credit cards which almost doubles the transaction amount done through debit cards. Yet many remain unaware about most of the facts which is important to know or to be aware of. Read on to know 6 credit card charges you can avoid, listed by creditvidya.com

1. Annual Fees

While offering the credit card the providers will promise that you will be getting good returns for each and every single penny spend. But when you actually account for the money you have spend using your credit card, it is found that the returns are very marginal.

Rather than taking cards for which you have to pay annual fees, you can opt for cards which come with out any annual fees.

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