7 Indian Billionaires Who Love To Fly High

Bangalore: ‘Money can’t buy time!’; this might be correct in some perspective, but not in all. The person who actually made this statement was not aware of the machines that fly high in the sky with the energy of thousands of horses.

The super rich people do not have any deficit in their lives. Whatever they don’t possess, they buy it. They also buy time by managing their trips, travelling by customized planes.  

Indian super rich personas are now getting more attracted towards private planes in order to manage their hectic schedules. Here is the list of some rich Indian names along with their customized aircrafts as reported by ‘rediff.com’.

1. Mukesh Ambani

Aircraft: Boeing Business Jet 2

Price: $73 million

Mukesh Ambani is the richest man in India. While talking about the richest person, a single private jet can’t define his name and fame. The senior Ambani brother owns a fleet of private jets.

His private jet’s list consists of a Boeing Business Jet 2, a Falcon 900EX jet and an Airbus 319. The Airbus 319, an Rs 242 crore (Rs 2.4 billion) flying machine was the 44th birthday gift to wife Nita Ambani from the Richie rich hubby.

There are obvious reasons that make the BBJ2, a hot favorite of this business giant. It is the perfect example of style, show-off, comfort, aristocracy and luxury that came with. It is powered by 2 General Electric/Snecma CFM56-7 engines. In one single take off, it can cover up 6616 miles with a top speed of Mach 0.82 and offers an executive flight that includes a boardroom and lavish seats.

With highly modernized cockpit, equipped with Honeywell digital avionics system and Flight Dynamics HGS 2000 heads-up display, the BBJ2 is a perfect example of an extravagant hotel.

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