6 Jewellers Who Rule the Indian Gold Market








Bangalore: As the gold prices are tumbling since couple of days, retailers are witnessing a surge in demand and expect up to 50 per cent spike in sales volume in this marriage season.

The total sales volumes of gold for 2012 stood at 2.47 lakhs crore and total quantity of gold sold in the country was 864 tonnes, Vipin Sharma, Director (Jewellery) WGC told PTI. He further added that gold jewellery continued to attract Indian consumers due to its unique features such as for investment purpose and as gift items.

As the market is on a complete turmoil and jewellers are doing good business, here are six Indian jewellers, listed by Nidhi Nath Srinivas & Sutanuka Ghosal, Economic Times, who are ruling the gold trade market not only regionally and nationally, but also internationally.

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