6 Billionaires Who Earned Their Wealth by Doing Nothing

Bangalore: Wealth is the result of hard work, dedication and strong determination. Most of the richest people in the world are the best and the expert in their own working sectors.

But for some people, wealth is a matter of coincidence and mere good luck. They acquire wealth without doing anything. Most of these wealthy people inherit the wheel of fortune.

Forbes’ has listed some of the billionaires around the world, who has attained fortune as inherited asset.

1. Yoshiko Mori

Age: 72, Country: Japan

Forbes ranking: 1,342, Net worth: $1 billion

Minoru Mori was the real estate tycoon of Japan until his death in 2012. He was 77 at that time.

He is the name behind the tallest building in China, the Shanghai World Financial Center. He was also listed in the Forbes’ list of world’s richest man.

After a sudden heart failure, all his wealth went to his wife Yoshiko Mori who is now 72 years old. She’s currently the twentieth richest person in Japan.

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