5 Money Saving Tips Which You Know But Tend To Ignore

4. Avoid Outside Foods

Most of time, when we feel tired or bored or get the mood to hang out with friends, we prefer a good quality restaurants or a nearby coffee shop.

While having good times with friends, most people never bothers about the bill. It’s about having good times, any amount will be paid. This habit always cost us and the saddest part, we never count on it!

However, by growing the habit of partying with home-made foods or drinks, we can save a lot more than we can save by skipping lunch every day.

An average coffee costs around 60 in any good quality coffee-shops and an average meal costs about 250. If we save this much of cash twice in a week, the calculation will get much simpler.

5. Cycling Is Good For Health and Wallet Too

Having a shiny car or an appealing motor-bike is a status. It makes us feel superior among others.

Making ourselves feel superior also costs an extra amount of cash when it comes to the vehicle, we drive or ride on.

In India, fuel prices are about to touch the sky and so are the cost of the vehicles. Living in this condition is like putting a lot of stress on the wallet.

These costs can be reduced extensively if we develop the habit of cycling. Cycling helps in multiple ways by keeping us fit and reducing the fuel charges.

Cycling will also help us having a pollution-free environment.

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