5 Simple Steps To Make Money Without Working

BANGALORE: Getting money without working - if it were that easy, wouldn't we all do it? While there's generally no such thing as a free lunch, there are certain ways to raise funds for yourself with very little or no effort on your part. However, many of these methods require, at the very least, an investment of time or money that you already have. As such, they can be more effective when accompanied by actual work than not.

For the lucky ones among us, sometimes we can find ways to make money that we even enjoy doing. Don’t doubt it, there is definitely a reality that you can find something gratifying to do for money, wherever you live.

1. Get Neighborly

If you are retired and have time during the day, just take a look around. IMG1Your neighborhood may be the perfect place to earn some extra cash. Depending upon your community demographics, offering babysitting, dog walking, pet sitting or even errand-running services could not only bring in some extra income but also help you get to know your neighbors.

If you live in an area that doesn’t have a need for those services, companies like Care.com can help you find part-time gigs for all of the above and more. All you need to do is fill out a profile online, and you’ll be able to send and receive messages to families who are looking for care.

2. Rent out a room in your house

If you have a room or rooms that are going unused in your house, consider furnishing them and renting them out to tenants. If you do so, be sure to abide by the laws that govern landlords in your local area with regards to rent levels, amenities, and the like. IMG2Doing this allows you to collect a sizable check every month without any work beyond preparing the room for occupancy.

Only rent rooms to responsible, trustworthy tenants who will pay you on time and respect your property. Services such as Airbnb can help connect you with travelers and others looking for short-term rentals. This can enable you to charge a significantly higher rate per night than if you rent the room by the month.

3. Start your own website

If you have a popular website, you can use many strategies to monetize it. This option is especially viable if you are able to get cheap or free web hosting, or if you're able to strike a deal with a website with a large audience like YouTube to distribute your content.

Options for making money off of your website are diverse and include selling advertising space, selling original content to other websites, selling merchandise, membership fees, voluntary patronage and fundraising efforts via sites.

4. Inherit money

If you have a wealthy, elderly relative, you may receive money when the time comes to read his or her will. Of course, if your relative regards you fondly, she or he is more likely to write you into the will than if she or he doesn't, so try to stay on your elderly relatives' good sides. IMG3Hopefully, this goes without saying, as treating the elderly with love and respect solely in an attempt to get their money is obviously incredibly cruel and cynical.

5. Sell your skill set

Your favorite hobbies like gardening, crafting, antiquing or even giving furniture a fresh coat of paint–can lead to extra income. People don’t always have time to pull weeds or plant flowers, so if you’re someone who enjoys putting his or her hands in the dirt, simple gardening may be a valuable service for you and your neighbors. 

Painting furniture is another one of those seemingly mundane tasks that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If “up cycling” furniture–as in making over a piece with paint and new hardware, like knobs and brackets–is something you take pride in doing, you should consider turning it into a part-time job for friends, neighbors and even loved ones.