5 Crucial Measures To Keep In Mind To Avoid Online Scams

BENGALURU: Online fraud is common and can occur to anyone. A scammer uses various ways like faking websites or emails, stealing your personal information or obtain your personal and bank or credit card details to swindle you out. We acknowledge that we cannot prevent someone from sending a mail or creating a website but there are smaller and simpler steps to protect ourselves from these fraudulent.

We list you some points for you to take note of:

  • Never  prefer surfing from a cyber cafe

Access your account from a cyber cafe is most likely to get you in serious trouble as a shared computer network  could be monitored and controlled easily, or an installed spy software on those machines can steal your credentials without you being aware. It is recommended that you always access your important transactions and accounts from home place, for security reasons.

  • Is your OS updated?

Operating systems require regular updation; make sure your firewall protection is on (A firewall acts as a shield to such threats). Also, use a reputed anti-virus for the system and update it on the regular basis.

  • Create a strong password

What is a strong password? The strong passwords must be sufficiently long (8-16 characters), and need to include upper and lower case alphabet, numbers and special characters. Using your birthdates or names of loved ones can be easily guessed, refrain using those as your passwords.

  • Fraud emails cause the most disaster

Many of us have won the lottery for millions of dollars or Eros, at least for once. Well, there are other thousands of people celebrating the same joy for the same round of fraud. Whenever you suspect a scam mail, do following things;

  • Don’t reply
  • Never clink on the links provided
  • Even if you have clicked already, don’t reveal your personal information.

Phishing scammers’ web sites may look real and feel authentic, which they use to lure victims.

In India, when you face such unsought troubles online, you can lodge a FIR OR here is the link to reach to all cyber crime cells in India.

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