12 Ways These Websites Will Help You Save Money

Bangalore: The word “Free” always grabs attention! No matter how much money one has or do not have, when any one offers something for free it gets attention. Generally you get only things for which you pay for, but there are also things which you can avail without paying a single penny. Take a look to know 12 things you get for free.

1. Financial Planning

Free Financial Planning @ Mint.com

Many people spend a lot hiring financial advisors in order to get proper financial advices. Of course it is important for one, but always it is not important to hire a financial planner. For simple finance advices there are many websites which provide these for free.

However, Well Mint.com provides you banking information, budgeting, money management, financial management, money manager, budget planner and free budget software where you can keep a track of your spending, saving and more. Overall it manages your financial profile with just clicks away. The site also gives advice on how and what credit cards are best for you.

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