12 Best Rated Banks In The World

2. JP Morgan Chase & Co

It looks like this American bank has tightly held the 2nd position from 2012 as the largest bank in the world.

JP Morgan Chase & Co is headquartered in New York, has an asset worth of $2,359,141.00.

In fact, Indian market has become the main target for expanding their business. Moreover it’s the only market that they have chosen build their territories in the whole of Asia pacific region. Besides, this financial company aims to provide Investment Bank, the Global Corporate Bank, Private Equity, Asset Management Treasury and Securities Services and many others rather than just the regular banking facilities.

3. Bank of America

The bank of America is traded under NYSE, S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial average. The bank has a whopping $155,461.14 capital in the Tier 1 capital and the asset worth $2,212,004.45.

In 2009, the bank held 12.2 percent of all bank deposits in the U.S. besides serving up to 80 percent of the customers in the retail banking.

Apart from this, the bank has taken steps to help small business sectors through 5,600 branches across the world.

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