11 Books To Help Children Know The Value Of Money

Bangalore: Parenting is not an easy job. It needs lot of attention and patience. As your kids grow, it very important to ask yourself, "What can I teach today that will matter tomorrow?”

Parents who help their kids understand the value of money will be preparing the children to become responsible when they grow up.

There are some books that will help your kid understand about money. Infact for the parents it will give a good opening by explaining children about family budgeting and financial troubles.

Here are 11 books listed by ‘Money’ recommended by children's book editors and parents for talking to kids about money:

1. "The Money we’ll save”.

By Brock Cole

For the Children Within the age group of 4 to 8

It is a book that talks about a 19th century family that gets very strategic in spending their money, which also includes raising a turkey in their small house.

In the story Pa gets a turkey poult to home, to fatten it for the upcoming Christmas dinner. He thinks that it will not create any problem since it can live in the box. In the 19th century it wasn’t an easy task to raise a turkey in a tiny flat in New York. Pa keeps finding a solution for every problem until he comes across one that ruins Christmas completely. How the family joins their hands in solving the problem is a very funny and satisfying story.

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