11 Countries with Highest Financial Aid for Developing Nations

Bangalore: With the increase of the European debt crisis, the aid to the developing nations has fallen once again. In 2011, the assistance towards the developing nations reduced by 2 percent while by the end of 2012, this figure increased to 4 percent.

Some of the developed nations, across the globe have been contributing towards the developing nations, wholeheartedly. ‘Rediff’ has enlisted such 11 nations, which contributes sincerely towards the development of the developing nations.

1. Luxembourg

Total international aid: $432 million (9th lowest)

Social spending as per cent of GDP: 23.3 per cent (14th highest)

Government debt as a per cent of GDP: 18.2 per cent (26th lowest)

Luxembourg is one of the developed nations of the world. It is almost enclosed by land and has France, Belgium and Germany as its bordering countries. In terms of area, Luxembourg is 2,586 square kilometer. At present, it is the only nation in the world that is run by a grand duke.

World Bank has estimated it to be the nation with the highest GDP per capita.

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