10 Ways To Keep Your Internet Banking Safe

Smart phones are considered much safer compared to unsafe browsing centers and other such places through which you can see your account balance and mini statements. These types of places possess little risk as they don’t actually provide direct access to your accounts.

9. Your Bank’s Role In Keeping Your Smart Phone Banking Safe

Most mobile banking apps don’t actually store your bank details directly on your phone. It accesses the account from a secure data centre. This means your mobile itself will never hold your personal bank information.

If you lose your smart phone or if someone has stolen it. Then don’t panic! Just inform your mobile connection provider to block your number.

10. General security

Make sure you update your antivirus protection regularly both on your computer and your smart phones. Contact your hardware and software suppliers, or Internet service provider to ensure you have the latest in security updates. This will help you to be on the safer side and you don’t have to worry about accessing your bank account through internet.

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