10 Unique Ways to Carry Cash Safely While Travelling

Bangalore: Travelling and vacations are things for which people eagerly wait. This is the time when they enjoy and relax forgetting the chores and the all time tensions of work and responsibilities. But carrying money and valuable items while travelling is a big reason which many people get worried about. Carrying money on vacation is a harmonizing act among safety and utility. You cannot put all the money at the bank account and go with your cards as there will be places where they will not accept cards and you have to pay cash. Considering these problems, we bring here 10 tips for carrying money safely and pleasingly when you travel.

1. Divide Money

It is always advised to divide your money while travelling. You can keep a small amount of cash with you and put the rest into a safe place. This is advised as there can be many unpleasant circumstances while travelling which you may go through, therefore its not always safe to keep all your cash together.

2. Favor On-Body Storage

This is an ancient old way of safely carrying money while travelling. There are many under-clothing storage accessories like neck pouches and money belts. Other options like undershirt with built-in pockets are also for safe storage. On-body storage accessories are particularly useful if you’re sleeping somewhere that doesn’t have a secure place for cash and other valuables.

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