10 Smart Money Saving Tips

3. Find Cheap Entertainment

You must learn to balance entertainment with stinginess. Going to movie theaters, buying pricey tickets, pop corns and cool drinks in a one go smashes up somewhere around 500 to 1000. And if you do it more than thrice a month, imagine how much of your hard earned money gets absorbed in entertainment expenditures. How about taking your favorite movie on rent and watching it at home with family and friends.

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4. Borrow Instead of Buying

A shiny new set of tools or the latest bestseller sounds like a solid investment, but many purchases only get a few uses before being tucked away to never again see the light of day. Borrowing items you won't use often saves you money in your overall budget. Share tools with neighbors, borrow a specialty cake pan from a friend, or head to the library for new books and magazines. Also remember, that sharing is caring, so don’t only take advantage of your friends, you must share your things too. This will help the cycle of “give and take” to continue smoothly for years together besides helping to save money and get things for free.

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