HR Summit 2012 - Mumbai - Strategic HR Summit


The Human Resources industry is complex, yet always evolving. The broad ranges of topics are developing due to the current economic climate. There are other trends such as globalisation, an aging workforce and decreasing loyalty of employees, that are creating a radically different HR Environment and pushing companies to alter their HR Strategy. Companies need to measure the HR dimension of these trends, discover and exploit new markets for talents, promote themselves and become a more attractive employer and most importantly, support HR strategy with concrete initiatives. These already well known trends are creating a radically new HR landscape. Only by adjusting to the trends and running ahead of them companies will remain competitive and won’t flounder.

The “Strategic HR Summit“ is designed specifically with the Chief HR Officer in mind to assist forward-thinking CHROs as they meet demands of transformation and prepare for the impact their role will have on the overall success of an organization's sustainability and bottom line. CHROs, EVPs and SVPs of HR, and other top human resource executives will be present to explore critical people-centric issues essential to organizational effectiveness in order to compete on a global scale.

This summit will focus How to keep your organizations agile for ongoing change, and become more flexible in adapting to a changing economic environment? It is the great challenge of HR to become a trusted business partner in the development and success of the organization. Strategies in engaging employees of different generation. Talent Management in a changing organization and What does HR need to change to succeed in the future

The “Strategic HR Summit” will highlight the current challenges, opportunities, technologies, strategies & future trends for HR executives through visionary keynote presentations and panel discussions by most esteemed peers and thought leaders to enhance departmental efficiencies and drive corporate growth.

Do not miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, exchange ideas, networking, establish new connections with the target audience and to position yourself as an industry leader in front of your future clients.

Attendees Profile:
CEOs, MDs, Business owners, Proprietors
CHROs /CPOs / VPs / MDs / Founders
VP -HR & Talent acquisition
Director –HR, Recruitment & Talent management
Head – HR, Recruitment and Talent acquisition
General Managers, Deputy General Managers
Heads & Managers - HR Tools & Technology
HR Strategists & HR Heads
Heads & Managers - Benefits & Retention Heads & Managers - Training & Organizational Development


Sridharan Sridharan is working as a senior vice president for ION EXCHANGE. Earlier he worked with companies like Manthars consultants, Emerson process Management.

Prashant D.Prasanth Nair, President & Head – HR & Financial Services, Thomas Cook Group. Prasanth Nair, 41, holds a Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Calicut University.

Nivedita Nivedita Nanda is currently working as a chief human resource officer for Reliance health. She is having 18 years of experience in the field of Human Resource.