Leadership Awards 2011 - Bangalore - Embedded Industry Leadership Awards


Following the precipitous decline of 2010 and the meteoric expansion of 2011, industry decision makers confront a more dynamic and less certain planning environment for the year ahead. Gone are the days of extrapolating trends or relying on historic patterns to guide the way. Understanding technology, the economy or the market is necessary but insufficient. Today’s executives need a wide angle perspective on numerous interrelated global industry and economic dimensions to develop a strategic perspective.

Today’s key concerns include managing capital efficiency, maximizing R&D investment choices, investing in future growth, establishing sound collaboration and risk mitigation strategies, and appreciating adjacent market opportunities.

In the coming decade, will the semiconductor industry continue the same growth as the past several decades following the direction of 'Moore's law'? How will cloud computing, xPU based personal computers and smart phones share the computation power? What is the role of solid state memories in the future high performance computation?

In the new paradigm how will India take center stage and become a platform for product innovations in the Semiconductor space? Why India as a market cannot be ignored?

To answer all these questions you might have in mind, we have lined up a group of distinguished speakers to share their perspectives and visions on emerging technologies in the coming decade.

TOPIC : Semiconductors: Emerging Technologies and New Markets for the next decade. Why India can't be ignored?

Wally Rhines, CEO and Chairman, Mentor Graphics

Also join us for the Leadership Awards Ceremony as we honor the leaders of tomorrow within the Embedded/ VLSI industry.
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Do not miss this insightful discussion among CEO’s of leading companies to help confirm your point of view and triangulate the path ahead.

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