World Wide Security and Mobility Conference in New Delhi


World Wide Security and Mobility Conference brings together thought leaders and experts from different aspects of the security and mobile ecosystem. This event is a right platform for Global industry leaders, security and mobility experts, government officials, and academia. World Wide Security & Mobility Conference (WWSMC) is held on April 12, 2012 to collaborate on new approaches to address today's ever-growing cyber security threats.

World Wide Security and Mobility Conference speakers provides a "big picture" view of the cyber security and mobility challenges that lie ahead, while laying the groundwork for some serious problem-solving -- crossing boundaries, eliminating silos, and "connecting the dots" across the cyber security spectrum.

World Wide Security and Mobility Conference common ground was established, with a consensus that:

  • Cyber security problems are serious, and rapidly expanding in terms of sophistication, overall damage, and frequency of attack

  • Current methods for detecting and preventing these "malware" attacks rely too heavily on signature files, blacklists, and other outdated methods that are constrained in their reliance on known problems – these methods are destined to fail

  • A new approach is needed, combining real time behavioral analysis with the ability to store incoming and outgoing packets for after-the-fact forensic analysis, in order to determine what really happened, and quickly isolate the threat.