Conference Schedule:

08.00 AM - 09.30 AM: Registration, Conversations & Connections

09.30 AM - 10.10 AM: Inaugural Keynote
Innovation for Grand Challenges: Web As A Platform
Subu Goparaju, Senior Vice President, Head – Infosys Labs & Product R&D, Infosys

10.10 AM - 10.50 AM: Inaugural Keynote
User Research and Web Design
Speaker is highlighting the importance and elements of usability research, including eye tracking and how it can shape good usable design.
Nakul Shenoy, Director & User Experience Evangelist, PeepalDesign

10.50 AM - 11.30 AM: General Session
UI Framework: Building Responsive Websites
Ajay Chandra, CTO & Co-founder, Infibeam

11.30 AM - 12.00 Noon: Morning Break
A chance to meet up with your friends and have a cup of coffee!

12.00 Noon - 12.35 PM: Session 1
FE Development: It's All About the Getting it Done!
Uday M Shankar, Front-End Architect & UX Prototyping Lead, HP R&D

12.35 PM - 01.10 PM: Session 2
Graphics for the Web: SVG - P3/ Raphael.js
Thejesh GN, Independent Technologist, Developer

01.10 PM - 02.10 PM: Lunch
Break for lunch on the house and a chance to catch up with each other!

02.10 PM - 02.45 PM: Session 3
Rapid Web Development
- Common mistakes in front end development
- Understanding and Diverting prototype chain
- Understanding Hoisting
- Console API
- How to make the best use of Chrome Dev Tools
- Understanding CSS float and positioning
- New things in CSS to make life easier
- border box sizing
- Why do closures leak memory.
- Identifier resolution
- Why should you write test cases.
Amit Agarwal, Web Developer, Google

02.45 PM - 03.20 PM: Session 4
Node js: A Deep Dive
Prasoon Kumar, Senior Technical Architect, Justdial

03.20 PM - 03.50 PM: Afternoon Break
Some time out for you to grab another coffee and a well earned rest.

03.50 PM – 04:25 PM: Session 5
Object Oriented Java Script
Sunil Pai, Tech Lead, Yahoo!

04.25 PM - 05.00 PM: Session 6
Strategies for Mobile Enabling Enterprise Applications by Leveraging Existing Infrastructure
In this age of mobile development, there are a lot of frameworks that allow you to develop applications which work both on the desktop as well as on the mobile. But what if you already have a legacy enterprise application, and want to enable access to it through mobile devices? Is re-write the only option? Probably not. In this presentation speakers will be discussing some of the architecture options that are available to build mobile applications that can leverage your existing infrastructure.
Anil Bhat, Senior Director - Product Development, MetricStream
Ratheesh Pisharody, Architect - Product Development, MetricStream

05.00 PM: Conclusion

12.00 Noon - 12.40 PM: Session 1
CSS Next: 3D, Animation, Transitions and Transforms
Neelesh Bodas, Software Engineer, Google

12.40 PM - 01.20 PM: Session 2
Responsive Design: The What & How?
Manjunatha A Hosur, Senior Architect - e-Biz Practice, Collabera

01.20 PM - 02.20 PM: Lunch
Break for lunch on the house and a chance to catch up with each other!

02.20 PM - 03.00 PM: Session 3
The Blackbox of UX Design
Anshuman kumar, Interaction Designer, Google

03.00 PM – 03:40 PM: Session 4
Interaction Designs: Dos & Don'ts
Sudhindra V, Head of Experience Design - SapientNitro India, Sapient

03.40 PM - 04.10 PM: Afternoon Break
Some time out for you to grab another coffee and a well earned rest.

04.10 PM - 04.50 PM: Session 5
Gamification in UI/UX Designs
Brajeshwar Oinam, Founder, Levoma

04.50 PM: Conclusion