Vijay A. Balasubramaniyan
By Vijay A. Balasubramaniyan - CEO & CTO, Pindrop Security
A technology friendly and inventive to the user market has also a prick in the eye attribute for many. The outnumbered...  more>>
Mukesh Lulla
By Mukesh Lulla - President , TeamF1 Inc
The intensity, frequency and complexities of cyber attacks over enterprises are increasing by the day. However the...  more>>
Vijay Basani
By Vijay Basani - co-founder, President & CEO, eIQnetworks
The market today is ripe with news about cyber attacks on critical organizations such as banks and government offices. The...  more>>
Dr. Sarbari Gupta
By Dr. Sarbari Gupta - Founder, Electrosoft Services Inc.
For more than two decades, organizations worldwide have struggled to understand the nature and scale of the cyber threat...  more>>