eIQnetworks:Solving the SIEM Puzzle

The market today is ripe with news about cyber attacks on critical organizations such as banks and government offices. The sudden spurt in the complexity of these cyber crimes has rung an alarm bell for organizations irrespective of their size or nature to consider security as a necessary concern. As an answer to the problem came a solution called security information event management or SIEM and log management, a technology that provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications.

Providing efficient SIEM solutions is eIQnetworks, a prolific company providing simplified and cost effective security intelligence solutions that provide organizations with critical visibility across the entire spectrum of enterprise security data. The man behind the company is Vijay Basani, co-founder, President & CEO, eIQnetworks. A veteran entrepreneur and a techie par excellence, his deep insights in the security segment have lead to the formulation of this unique company.

Founded in 2000, the company today is considered a market leader in providing simplified security, risk and compliance solutions and has successfully secured the largest enterprises around the world, including government, financial, telecommunications, retail and healthcare.

eIQnetworks specifically works towards collecting all relevant security compliance data and provides that visibility for customers. The company has helped several other organizations large and small to benefit from their unique solutions which have proactively protected their clients against cyber attacks, detect breaches and policy violations and remediate breaches and security controls, while reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

eIQnetworks is single-mindedly focused on enhancing their technology arsenal to fight against threats and identifying breaches proactively to nip the cyber criminals right in their bud.

Vijay Basani
Vijay Basani
co-founder, President & CEO, eIQnetworks
Co-Founder, President & CEO of eIQnetworks, Inc. a leading Unified Situational Awareness platform provider. Founder of AppIQ, Inc., an Application Storage Resource Management provider, acquired by HP.