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Shanti Juniors

Shanti Juniors.

About us
Most of the time, adults are confused to experiment as they areambivalent about the outcomes. The matter ofsuccess and failure always playon an adult's mind. However, in their childhood they would not have had a second thought before doing something. They were always curious, because, that is how a kid grows in this world. They explore, question, wonder and in doing so, they learn. In this period, what the kids need is a helping hand to explore the facts and fun of the world around them. With the motto of celebrating childhood, Shanti Juniors is one such place where kids can explore without losing their natural instinct to learn new things.
Shanti Juniors has developed a unique curriculum, which comprises of a balanced blend of the renowned Montessori Method, Waldorf Approach, High Scope Approach, Bank Street Approach, and Reggio Emilia Approach. It is a proven methodology to facilitate 360-degree development of kids below six years. In addition to it, by integrating Indian ethnicity with this international curriculum, Shanti Juniors nurtures cognitive, physical, social, emotional and sensorial abilities of a kid. They call it as I-Cube Learning Ladder, which inspires the 4Cs in a child.
4Cs and I-Cube Learning Ladder:
"This methodology called I-cube Learning Ladder is very effective in inspiring Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity and Continuity in a child to instil self-discovering habits since beginning," says Dharmesh Kapasi, Project Head, Shanti Juniors. While 4Cs stand for Curiosity, Confidence, Creativity and Continuity, I – Cube stands for Inquiry, Interaction and Innovation. By bringing this unique structure of learning into a vibrant atmosphere, the playschool makes a perfect way of utilizing the utmost curiosity of children during their age. "We have setup a colourful child-friendly interiors consisting of hand-picked educational toysand furniture with an appealing ambience . We also have developed in-house teaching aids. This invites and interests the children to endorse our teaching methodology of I- Cube Learning Ladder," adding Dharmesh Kapasi.
With the help of a strong R&D team, who are especially working for creating a vibrant curriculum for kids, Shanti Juniors updated their teaching methodologies three times already in their run of four years. The specially designed curriculum engages the children with varied activities, which provides him/her with a wholesome development.Even though many playschools have exclusive approaches towards kids overall growth, the unavailability of trained professional to carry forward this modern concepts always pesters many playschool management. Shanti Juniors stand on a different ground here, as they have hired quality teachers and helpers who are very well trained in this particular department of education. The management go further in this area by giving periodical training to the staff by the experts, which would make them completely fit with changing scenarios.
Even though, the entire curriculum is centered with English as the primary language, to support kids from various regional languages, Shanti Juniors has made separate worksheets, which will help kids to learn things in their mother tongue. With digitalization of the activities and inculcating parents to the curriculum, Shanti Juniors has created a greater impact on kid's education. They are proving that learning is not limited inside an institution.
Healthy Kids in a Secure Environment:
For kids, academics are only a second priority as hygiene and security always comes ahead of it. Shanti Juniors always ensures that their kids enjoy their time inside a secure environment by following the security measurements very strictly. Their snack timetable made by professional nutritionists takes care of nutritional needs of their toddlers. Along with that, health check-ups by doctors/paediatricians and follow-up of their observations and recommendations promotes fitness at Shanti Juniors.
With many more specialities and many franchisees spread across the country, Shanti Juniors has already made their initial impact in playschool education sector in just four years. While the management is moving forward with a detailed plan of extending their services to more places, the young India is celebrating their childhood in the 150+ playschools of Shanti Junior.
Never Ending Franchisee Support
Founded in 2010, with six preschools, the growth of Shanti Juniors was swift. At present, they have more than 150 franchisees span across the country. "Only 25 percentage preschools in India are well organized and we are one among them," says Dharmesh Kapasi, Project Head, Shanti Juniors. They provide both academic and business support to their franchisees. This includes marketing, providing teachers, counselling parents, maintenance of the overall infrastructure, safety measures and many more. As the availability of service is wide while taking the franchisee of Shanti Juniors, it is a great opportunity for women entrepreneurs in the country to come out from the 'educated housewife' tag.
Quick Fact:
Since its inception in the year 2010, more than 12000 children have been nurtured out from Shanti Juniors with premium Exit profiles.


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