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Petals Montessori School

KinderKare : Everything for that Little Smile

The term 'Montessori School' is a familiar word for Indian parents. However, only few know how this name evolved. Born in 1870, Dr. Maria Montessori was the first female doctor of medicine in Italy. Through her interest in paediatrics, psychiatry and educational theory, she proposed her own philosophy of child development. This forms the basis for the successful and enduring teaching method known as Montessori Method. The Montessori teachers allow the children to work at their own pace, giving them time to develop physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in an unhurried atmosphere.
Soniya Donison, Founder and Principal of Petal Montessori School, Bangalore is a great admirer of this approach. Trained under Montessori Centre International UK, Donison qualified with Montessori Diploma in 1998. After working in the education sector in UK and India for more than 10 years, she set up her own preschool named Petal Montessori School in 2010. Since its inception, Petals follows Montessori teaching method, which has been proven highly successful all over the world with its capability in recognising the individual child's development.
An Upgraded Curriculum with Individual Attention
"Today's children are totally different from what we had before five years," says Donison. The school has managed to upgrade their teaching patterns every year according to the changes. They have designed the program especially for the optimum development of the child through early childhood years and it is categorized into Pre-Toddlers, Toddler, Prep, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. The Pre Toddler -Toddler program provides an environment designed to meet the changing needs of the child from about one and half years to three years old. At Petals, the children learn to participate in the life of the class, helping to take care of the environment and to be an active member of the class. They also begin to gain independence in caring for their own needs.
Prep - UKG program of Petals provides another carefully prepared environment equipped with the full range of Montessori materials. Children work according to their individual interests, needs and abilities, while also interacting with their friends in ways that help them develop social skills such as respect and courtesy. Teaching at this stage becomes progressively more project based with children working in small groups or individually with the teachers. "I believe that, teaching is something that we need to constantly upgrade and deliver unlike any other profession," says Donison.
High Quality Facilities
While many people establish preschools aiming to expand the business with franchisees, Petals does not have a single branch even after four successful years of run. "Quality is very important for me. I will rather have one single school with high quality facilities. I do not want to damage name of Petals by dissolving into too many areas and not holding the quality aspect of it," claims Donison. At present, Petals has more than 150 kids and 36 staff members enjoying inside a fully air-conditioned campus. The school has followed all the basic security aspects needed for a preschool, which includes CCTV cameras, play areas with soft mats, adequate number of security staffs, professional in-house medical staffs and so on. Coupled with that, the kids can enjoy their meals with customised menu prepared by a professional chef.
Even though Donison is not ready to expand her dream project by franchising, she is now planning to provide education till fifth grade with CBSE syllabus. "We have already stated the paper works. In the next two years we will have a CBSE School here," says Donison with lot of confidence and hopes. In this modern era, even little child's education has become a multimillion business. People like Donison and her Petals Montessori School is a rare breed among them. For her, Petals is not brain game, but a passion from her heart. "When it comes to early childhood education, you cannot do this as a job. You have to enjoy what you are doing here. Yes, my heart is in this," concludes Donison.
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Helping Hands for Children with Autism and Spectrum Disorder
India is home to about 10 million people with autism and the disability has shown an increase over the last few years. In medical terms, Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that manifests in children by the age of three. People often mistake this development disability as a mental disorder. People suffering from autism may be slow learners. However, they do have brilliant minds. Petals Preschool has a seperate wing with one-teacher to two-student ratio for training children with autism and spectrum disorder. After analysing the kids with Autism, they give behavioural therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to the kids. Since its inception, it has been a successful saga for the school in treating kids with Autism and Spectrum Disorder.


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