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Infy to hire 30,000, promotions for 7500

By SiliconIndia   |    35 Comments
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Infy to hire 30,000, promotions for 7500
Bangalore: Infosys Technologies, one of India's top software services exporter, is planning to provide promotion to almost 7500 employees in both middle and lower ranks. Talking to the media after the announcement of its quarterly results S.D. Shibulal, Chief Operating Officer and Member of the Board also said the promotions will be topped up by wage hikes. He said, "We have announced a wage hike of around 13-17 percent offshore and 2-3 percent onsite"

The company also plans to recruit 30,000 people in the upcoming financial year including 19,000 campus hires, 5,500 laterals, 2,000 overseas hires (in China, Manila, the U.S. and Europe) and the rest for Infosys BPO. Last year, Infosys started with 18,000 and ended up with 27,000. The company has already visited 300 campuses while moving towards bringing people in.

Infosys have seen extremely high attrition over the last quarter and most employees attribute it to the new HR initiative. There were reports mentioning the lost of 4000 employees in the month of February alone accounting for three percent of its total strength. Commenting on the flutter caused by iRace, Mohandas Pai, Head - Human Resources, Infosys said that the company believes in the new HR policy. 'iRace' will set a baseline and it will 'fit' people in a particular structure besides all the controversies. "We have addressed all the issues of employees in an open and transparent manner and it should be seen as a forward looking transformation exercise," he added. Pai also claimed that the company also provide several platforms for them to express their opinion on upcoming policies through websites, blogs, and review sites.

The attrition level of the company has also gone up drastically. Currently according to company sources the rate of attrition is around 13.4 percent. Infosys BPO has a major attrition level of 35 percent. Hence the company has decided to spend $134 million in salary hikes this quarter.

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Reader's comments(35)
1: hi,i am a fresher, i would be passing my btech in cse within 1 far i didnt have any campus recruitemen...i heard that infy will recruit 30k people.. how to approach with dis ...
Posted by:Abhinandan Patra - 19 Apr, 2010
2: Hai i'm very happy to heard that infy will recruit 30k people. i'm going to complete engineering degree in 1 month... how to approach with tat bcs i dont have any campus interviews sofar?

informative heads can reply to dis mail ID
Posted by:K.Sasikumar - 17 Apr, 2010
3: Hi i hav experience of 1 year in Videocon in s/w development and debugging and always had a dream of working with Infosys ......i hope it turns true son
Posted by:Vishal - 17 Apr, 2010
4: Hii...
I am going a bit off track.I am a fresher.I will pass my B.Tech on E.C.E. in June 2010. I always want to enter into Infosys . Can you guys please tell me that how can I enter Infosys. You all are experienced.So I want you to tell me the way.
Please mail me at
Posted by:Pranit - 16 Apr, 2010
5: Hi friends
If everyone ambitions soar at once and if everyone wants a promotion what is the solution for it
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 14 Apr, 2010
I will be happy to meet a person who doesn't want a promotion?

@rama mohana: Are you that kind of person who will accept promotion and stay at same level for years?
Mitra Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 15 Apr, 2010
7: Ha Ha, what a joke.

Infosys is one big show off company.
Posted by:Rohim Uddin - 14 Apr, 2010
8: Hiring 19000 through Campus selections is a good news for the students of engineering colleges. However high attrition rate is eqally discouraging. Perhaps, hiring of fresh engineering graduates through Campus selections has to be more discerning and effective. People are getting skeptical of the methodology of campus selections.
Posted by:Piyush C.Sharma - 14 Apr, 2010
Infy is a good place to work for freshers. You have good opportunity to learn things in Infy. Even their training programs are really good. Infy is okay for 2-3 years. After that, it is a rat race.
You should be on top of corporate politics to get a promotion or an onsite assignment. The Managers play very dirty kind of office politics when it comes to onsite assignments.If you are a kind of person who do not want to get your hands dirty, It is best to leave the company after 2-3 years of experience and most people do leave the company. Now you know why Infy hires this much freshers.
You will be surprised and even shocked to see the difference in the environment in Infy and the environment in a real MNC.
Kevin Replied to: Piyush C.Sharma - 14 Apr, 2010
what xactly u mean to say buddy
nitin kr. baswan Replied to: Kevin - 14 Apr, 2010
@Nitin: Which part you didnt understand buddy? Let me know so that I can explain more clearly.
Kevin Replied to: nitin kr. baswan - 15 Apr, 2010
12: Whether there is any infy offcampus for 2009 passedout B.E/Btech Students
Posted by:Hemachandran T K - 14 Apr, 2010
13: Hiring 30 0 0 0 is understandable but how come promotions for 75 0 0? Are these like new projects or a gap left by attrition?

And siliconindia, thirty thousnd is a number. 0 is a place holder. If I don't repeat those zeroes, the value of the number will be lost. Please improve your software.
Posted by:Kaushik - 14 Apr, 2010
good observation Kaushik, the promotions at offerring are to fill the voids created by the attrition.
Aditya Replied to: Kaushik - 14 Apr, 2010
15: Infy had been doing a lot of cost cutting and trying increase their operational efficiency. But unfortunately, they were concentrating more on Customer and very less on Employee. This primarily caused the attrition and employee complaints.
The HR policies in Infy has become very strict which do not suit the majority of employees. A person coming from a world class MNC will deinitely find it very very difficult to sustain in Infosys. Infy is only good for freshers, not for people with experience in working in a real MNC.
Posted by:Switch - 14 Apr, 2010
i dont think there is new HR policies... same policies but in new manner (like old wine in new bottle) tatsall. custodial work is not suit for altimes..
suresh Replied to: Switch - 14 Apr, 2010
Is it true that in infy, you have a dress code with ties and you can be sent back by the guard? That if you come late, you lose half the day's salary or so?
Kaushik Replied to: Switch - 14 Apr, 2010
Coming late is acceptable as long as you be in office for 9.15Hrs. If you don't sit inside office for 9.15Hrs, you will lose half day leave. If your time is less than 6Hrs, it will be considered as a full day leave. Depending on your leave credits, you might lose the salary too.
Switch Replied to: Kaushik - 14 Apr, 2010
ha ha, what a joke!, is this Industrial Age of 1750? or are we still in 21st century?
Sumit Replied to: Switch - 14 Apr, 2010
20: Dear Friends
Please do not leave the job especillay if you get it at Infosys iam in australia and can tell you for sure that having a stable career with a stable company with good values and ifrastructure especially they have invested a lot twoards Global Education centre at Mysore and all other ammenities that exist on the Infosys campus.
Yes money is needed but what if shifting to another company is just a short term gain and can give you a lot of stress and uncertainities along with it .Global Financial Crisis has cuased havoc in western countries and always the maximum effect is on employees with all sorts of cuts.
So please make the most where you are enjoy good friends company enjoy all the festivals in India go to excusriosn picnics or even club mahindra holidays .Please read the BBC news on its website business section todays news you will notice that now the youth of Greece ,ireland want to go else where after Global Financial crisis effects.
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 13 Apr, 2010
rama, are you kannadiga tamiliund goolti?
Prash Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 14 Apr, 2010
hi prash
Iam from Andhra Pradesh but can speak hindi ok and I see Equal hindi movies just as telugu movies also my best friends are from bihar .I think all of India as one and wish all indians remain united as one
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
rama mohana rao anne Replied to: Prash - 14 Apr, 2010
I was with Infosys .... not too long ago...
Even though the clients appreciate my work, thanks to my manager.... who does not know anything about me or my work...(that's what he says)...... messed up my salary, confirmation... and lots more....
From my personal experience, i cannot support you... and when enquired.... this happened not only to me... but also most of the people in chennai....
XYZ Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 14 Apr, 2010
I do not think this forum should be used for Individual compalints I feel they should be sorted inside Infosys with relavent people .I feel it is not appropraite to use your freedom and post comments on forums .
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
rama mohana rao anne Replied to: XYZ - 14 Apr, 2010
U shud look at the culture of fear and intimidation that exists in HR at Infy! it's crazy, where people are scared to take the phone call of the Big Boss, fearing the next dressing down.....
XYZABC Replied to: XYZ - 14 Apr, 2010
hi dude,

It is no more the same company as it used to be. The growing attrition rate is evidence of that, thr is no proper growth oppurtunity for freshers in this company. It is just a customer oriented company and not employee friendly. U are saying this because you are at onsite and thr it does not matter which company u belong to as u are earning in $.
Pankaj Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 14 Apr, 2010
positives of staying in the same company:
(due to assumed loyalty)

Comfort zone.
Salary growth.
In a company where many people stay long, opportunity growth can also be very little.
There are times when you may be taken for granted (again due to assumed loyalty).
Changing after many years may mean you are not up to the market level on skills.
Changing after many years may mean that you still get a low salary hike because your existing salary is low (this is a foolish practice by Indian recruiters but that's the way it is).
Lastly, while you're loyal to your company, the reverse may not be true. So, in the face of a global crisis like you mentioned, you may still be laid off.
Kaushik Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 14 Apr, 2010
Not necessary that everyone has a stable career in Infy just like you had..You are lucky or may be talented enough that you survived. What about 10,000s of others.
Fuckoff Replied to: rama mohana rao anne - 13 Apr, 2010
please do not abuse me man I have never worked at Infosys i was no that lucky wish I had Iam in australia for more than a decade at the moment unemployed the last time I had worked is oct2008.I read news everyday at the library and I also worked in usa on h1-b visa before so with all my research about the Global Financial Crisis and all other things I have posted the above.I just wanted to tell the truth and want everyone to be careful thats all.
Iam not saying Infosys is not the only good company there are many good companies like cognizant ,mindtree ,hexaware will be created in aviation ,space based technolgies .Hope many more jobs get created and i wish you all the best mate
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
rama mohana rao anne Replied to: Fuckoff - 13 Apr, 2010
30: Hello,
i was a infy employee a year back and had to cum out as i had 6 marks less in java stream. Will they recruit the employees who were left subjected to these kinds of reason...
Posted by:chethan - 13 Apr, 2010
31: Wow infy is going to hire 30,000. Its really great ya. Many of the students take educational loans and they are strugling to get a job. This will bring a drasting rise from the recession
Posted by:Debdutta - 13 Apr, 2010
Never join Infy telling bt my personal experience. our salary reduces every month just for some unnecessary deductions and there is no proper transport facilities, its risky for girls especially.
AAA Replied to: Debdutta - 18 Apr, 2010
33: As an employ its nice to hear about the hike and the promotions.
Posted by:Vishnu - 13 Apr, 2010

Guys don’t deviate from the main topic… Infy hiring …That’s statement given CIO right. Lot of our new comers don’t have any jobs from last 2 years.. so some thing is better than nothing .

Company giving opportunity that’s great thing what fresher’s? … then they can understand slowly … leave it for them

When it’s comes to Experience/Fresher’s no Company will employ friendly.. They will till this that.. That‘s stories …

It’s business boss … Anfy to Infy or Infy to Znfy ….all are the same …

Don’t love any brands … work smart..Learn things … Earn money … that’s it …

Love your work & your family & your money ….. don’t love this companies ….

All company r same …. They are doing business … in that they are ready to give nuts…
upendranath Replied to: Vishnu - 14 Apr, 2010
All companies are not the same buddy. You should work in a foreign MNC and then work in Indian companies like Infy. You will come to know the difference.

It very disheartening to see that even the HR's in these Indian companies acts like a businessmen. The employees comes last in their priority.

Mitra Replied to: upendranath - 15 Apr, 2010