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TOP 5 Background Verification Companies in India 2016
''‘Never judge a book by its cover’ - A common yet significant phrase when it comes to recruitment. Human capital is the most precious asset for any business. Many businesses find out rather late that they have hired employees with significant disparities in their resumes that include sham experience certificates, fake educational degrees, or past criminal records. According to a report titled ‘Background Screening Trends’ published in the fourth quarter of 2015, there are more than eleven percent of job-seekers who have some form of discrepancy or the other in their resumes. In the rush to hire employees within tight deadlines, organizations often skip the process of background checks and verification. ' '
TOP 5 Mobile App Development Companies in India 2016
''Metaphorically speaking, one's style statement is defined by the number of mobile apps one has in their smartphones today. Yes, the mobile app industry is burgeoning dramatically and it is claimed that by 2017, the sector is expected to witness over 268 billion downloads that will generate $77 billion worth of revenue. What are the factors that are driving the dramatic evolution of mobile app industry? In the quest to find the answer, Google in coordination with Ipsos MediaCT (a Paris headquartered market research firm) conducted a study on 8,470 consumers with smartphones. The report indicated that people prefer those apps that make their lives easier. The collective response takes us back to the major rationale behind the inception of mobile apps – making people's lives easier. ' '
TOP 5 Bigdata Training Institutes in India 2016
''According to Gartner, Big data is expected to create more than 44 lakhs jobs by 2015. This market is expected to provide ample opportunities for IT graduates, engineers, science graduates and other data-savvy job seekers. As the whole field of big data is booming, many enterprises are hunting for right talent who can analyze vast amount of data. However, the number of graduates with requisite skills is not keeping up with rising demand of industries. As a result, enterprises are currently short of professionals who can make sense of vast data and provide useful insights. ' '
Top 5 Most Promising Market Research Companies 2016
'Know your market and let your market know you' is the biggest mantra that modern day businesses must abide to. Varying preferences and choices of consumers, changing business and market conditions, rapid advancement in technologies and amplifying competition, demands businesses to be on their toes all the time. Knowing and understanding the market and its ever changing elements is an unavoidable business affair, and those who know how to be well informed and make use of the information, secure a top place in the ladder. '