About us
WHEEBOX is a leading Cloud based Education Technology Platform from Integrated Learning Solution Private Limited. We at WheeBOX enable Academic Institutions and Corporations globally to integrate various educational and learning tools using cloud based education platform. Globally WHEEBOX enables educators and learners to get access to learning resources and allows Institutions and corporations to deploy digital resources and assess learners to benchmark learning outcomes.

  At WHEEBOX, Instructional Design and Innovation is the key driver. Our aim is to deliver a world class, innovative, effective and customized education platform and develop "Smart and Effective Institutions”.
Sunil Bhatia
July, 2010
Gurgaon, India Luton, United Kingdom
Nirmal Singh, Co-Founder and C.E.O
Nirmal Singh is an MBA with over 15 years of experience with Education Sales and Management Business in India and abroad. He has worked as Head of Higher Education Businesses with NIIT Limited andNew Horizons Inc. He is also a trustee of S.G.Trust which works with Rural Children in K-12 Ecosystem.
Over 30 Clients across several domains from Universities to Colleges and from Corporations to Non Government Organizations. Few of the partners are IGNOU both in India and abroad, M.M.University, G.L.Bajaj Group, B.S.A.E.I Group, Novatium Solutions, NIIT Limited. World Vision etc.
Self Funded
Though there are no Indian firms that offer similar tools that integrate all-in-one solution on cloud, WHEEBOX benchmarks for its own development & progression as follows:
For Individual services - Assessment Solution companies like Merittrac and Aspiring Minds,
For Campus Connect Portals - Monster College and First Naukri.
For Education Platform - Moodle
Globally employability is one of the major concerns and WHEEBOX as a Cloud Platform integratesal forms of learning viz. Access toInformation (UsingDigitalContent), Collaboration (Using Learning Synchronous Platform) and Corroboration (OnlineAssessment) to connect Employers and Aspirants under one platform. Users fromUniversities & Colleges both Urban and Rural are using WHEEBOX Cloud Campus to gain knowledge, assess themselves and connect to potential employers.
 WheeBOX as a Cloud Campus Solution provider hosts different leaning and assessment solutions for its clients to reap Technology dividend without investing in Technology and stick to their core expertise. Some of the cloud services which WheeBOX enables are:
Assessment Solution: Wheebox hosts online assessment solutions for Education Companies wherein WheeBOX provides the assessment engine, server management and analytics and the client deploys question bank using WheeBOX proprietary CMS “leanSYS”.
Content: WheeBOX hosts content for its clients on its servers and provides structured user interface.Client may have their content in any form viz. Video, Document, PDF, Animation or Simple HTML WebPages, WheeBOXCMS will enable them to upload on its server without any technical knowledge.
Synchronous Learning: WheeBOX along with Technology Partner provides Online Teaching Tool which enables its clients to reach different geographies using 2 Way Audio and Video Live Teaching Platform.
Employment Assistance: WheeBOX hosts its own Job Portal for Education partners to bring potential employers and aspirants to get connected.
A host of companies offer stand alone solutions in all of the above areas. WHEEBOX as a platform integrates all these services under one application to bridge skill gap and bring potential employers to aspirants.
 WHEEBOX Cloud Campus is also available to Universities, Vocational Training Companies and Corporations as a Cloud Campus where they can upload their own content, assess and benchmark learners and conduct Online Virtual Training on a secure platform without investing in Technology. Hence their core competence remains Teaching and designing user centric content and WHEEBOX becomes their back-end technology solution platform to scale and reach multiple geographies at minimal cost.
The sources of revenue are through partnering large
Institutions for hosting their Resources, Hosting Online
Assessment Solutions and Reaching to Rural Population
using Telcos for Training in English and Information Technology Program.