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About us
TeamF1 is a provider of OEM- ready software to the embedded system market which is an integral part of Tier-1 networking equipment providers networking devices. The company uses existing operating system tools and offers innovative software components for embedded network and security with protocol implementations. The combination of field validated standard software components and custom development services from TeamF1 signifi cantly lowers the risk and cost of implementing these devices in telecommunications, networking and internet appliances industries, including broadband access devices, as well as realtime applications for controls systems.
Mukesh Lulla
President: Mukesh Lulla
Mukesh Lulla
Mukesh Lulla, President and Vinai Kolli, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering: Mukesh Lulla and Vinai Kolli have a long history – starting out as good friends at the University of Southern California Graduate School and continuing on to work in the areas of programmable logic and real time operating systems in the San Francisco Bay Area. By understanding the increasing market need for optimized embedded software, parti cularly in the processor intensive and performance sensitive area of network security, they have successfully implemented industry best practices and developed connectivity and security software products in the embedded industry, effectively integrating hardware with software for deriving maximum value and performance.
TeamF1 has as its customers, a number of world-renowned telecommunications, networking, internet appliance and broadband access device suppliers such as industry leaders Cisco Systems, NETGEAR, and D-Link. Most of TeamF1's clients are multiple licensees and repeat customers, attesting to TeamF1's focuson product quality and responsive support.
TeamF1's products and services aim to resolve issues OEMs encounter in the complex area of embedded networking and security with a fast turnaround time using a cost effective development model. Its products are delivered as standalone modules or complete turnkey solutions that form the entirefi rmware on a device. TeamF1's software development services also enable customization of the company's configurable software products, allowing its customers to leverage their core competencies in product and feature definition.
Being a customer-focused company, TeamF1 values the need of every customer and emphasizes on customizing every aspect of its software to meet different requirements of each customer. By complementing its standard technology off erings with its specialized professional services team, TeamF1 enables its customers to differenti ate their products from competitors at a much lower risk and cost.
TeamF1 has a range of flexible licensing options which include software license fees/development license fees, production license fees (royalti es), customization services fees and support and maintenance subscription fees.
TeamF1's recent foray into the service provider market coupled with its history of delivering highly secure software solutions paves the way for the company to expand its concept of customizable standard products and offerings related to cloud enablement of networked devices. The company's current roadmap includes an expansion in the areas of embedded connectivity and security software in the storage segments (both on-premise and cloud) as well as advanced wireless segments.