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Gadgeon Smart Systems Pvt Ltd

Gadgeon Smart Systems Pvt Ltd
About us
GadgEon is an embedded system services company set up by a team of highly-experienced technology professionals. The company is situated in Kochi, the emerging IT hub in the South Indian state of Kerala, known for its high intellectual capital and skilled workforce. The founders of the company share 120 man years of product engineering and innovation experience in embedded technologies, telecom and datacom among them.
Co-founder and CEO:Hariprasad V Nair
Hariprasad V Nair
Hariprasad V Nair, Co-founder and CEO, Gadgeon systems: He has over twenty years of experience in the fields of engineering, product development and management. He has significant experience in Datacom/Telecom networking, technology products development and IT service industry, and has vast expertise in GSM/ EDGE, DSL/DSLAM and EPON/GPON technologies, ATCA/IPMI platform management middleware, Ethernet technology, Optical Network SONET technology and other embedded systems technologies. Before setting up GadgEon, Nair held many key techno-managerial roles previously in organizations such as Wipro Technologies, Kochi, India; Centillium Communications, Bangalore, India; Jasmin Networks, San Jose, CA; Silicon Graphics, Mountain View, CA and India's Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in Hyderabad. During his tenure with Wipro, he had setup up a completely new Telecom Equipment product engineering delivery center in Kochi and took it to a signifi cant size of 450+ workforce. He executed and delivered projects successfully in the area of Wireless, Wired and other embedded technologies for various customers. Prior to Wipro, Nair worked as a senior manager at Centillium Communications, where he successfully built and led engineering efforts for developing and productizing EPON/GPON CPE/CO product lines for the Japanese market.
Embedded Services companies
Gadgeon Smart Systems is an Embedded System Company with special focus on outsourced product development in the area of Internet of Things. GadgEon specializes in:
  • Product realization from Specifications to Prototypes
  • Hardware design/ Firmware/ Embedded Application development based on processor/ micro-controller families from ARM, TI and PIC
  • Wireless firmware development for low power devices using WiFi, BLE, ZigBee/XBee, Simpliciti protocols etc.
  • Embedded OS - Linux, Android, freeRTOS, COOS, etc.
  • Linux Device drivers and Embedded Application Development using C/C++
  • Network Systems realization using off -the-shelf hardware and open source software components
  • Outsourced Testing Services
  • One stop product engineering service provider for Product realization from Specification to Prototype for Internet of Things Smart devices using low power micro-controllers and Wireless Technologies like BLE, WiFi, ZigBee etc.
  • Agile methodology to accommodate requirement changes of a product company
  • Right competent team with quality focus
  • Flexible business models
Semiconductor chip companies, Converged Enterprise Communication Systems vendors, Industrial/ Defense equipment vendors
Embedded Services for various industrial verticals
Develop relationship to formulate the software R&D team for 10 chip / equipment vendors across the vertical by Dec 2014.