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Softtrends, an 11 year old Mobile software development company based in Bangalore, is one of the oldest and most experienced mobile software product and services company in India. Along with providing enterprise mobile software development services to various customers in India and world wide, Softtrends has invested over $750 to develop Live PVR, a voice/audio recorder client app used for compliance management, Mobile CRM+ a online/offline mobile client interfacing to most popular CRM servers, and PVR tracks, an EnterpriseWorkforce Management and Logistics support application.
28 yrs experience in mobile and embedded industry, IIT Computer science educated, creator of World Famous AMIBIOS and served as VP Engineering, AMI, Created AMIDiag, PC Care that received PC Magazine Editor’s Choice Award, developed mobile application that got Symbian Best AppForge application award, Ex-Country Head PurpleYogi.com, Conceived and got the current company products developed.
45 as of end of April 2012 and growing
•India • USA
• iRec Voice Recorder Pro (iPhone only)
• Record My calls
• TenDigits • CWR Mobility
• Xora • Hosted Direct
Softtrends has been self-funded through revenue, retained earnings and small investments from directors.
Scott Magnes
CEO, US Operations
25 years sales and marketing. Responsible for taking revenue from single digit to 180 million for a US company, chairman membership committee in a reputed tech forum, and Ex VP sales and marketing for a reputed US company.
David B
Advisor, Evangelist
Great Visionary with 15 yrs experience in generating many ideas for advised companies that were converted to successful products.
  • Get services customer by showing current strength in mobility services practice and products which helps quickly engage customers inmeaningful discussion
  • Selling enterprise mobility products through resellers which is currently a developing channel
  • Direct productmarketing through e-commerce on our sitewhich is already in place and need to be enhanced
  • Direct sales of products and services through sales people as we keep building sales team
  • Partnering with companies who has customers but not mobility expertise
  • Training workforce for resource augmentation practice with knowledge that is required in today’s large manufacturers as wellas enterprises
  • Marketing and continue developing new features for the mobile software products, cloud services and including content recording, indexing, classification, sharing, tracking through GPS, proximity based networking, and integration of various CRM servers with Work forcemanagement
  • Enhance services offering by providing additional services in the area of iOS,Windows Phone, Cross-platformdevelopment, Push technologies and Mobile device management etc.
  • Today’s need in software development services ismainly in enterprise mobility. Due to our highly technical IPoriented product development across allmobile platforms, we have in-depth knowledge of all the various mobile platform development best practices for enterprise mobility
  • We havewell established training schedule in place to quickly prepare newrecruits and movemobile developers fromother decaying platforms to new platforms.
  • 2002 - Alist ofmobile applications released forNokiaSymbian and Windows Mobile platforms and sold through various partner sites available at that point e.g. Handango. One of our products Agenda4us received best of 2002 Symbian Appforge application award
  • 2004 - Company transitioned intomobile application services company due to lack of revenue from selling smartphone applications and between 2004 – 2006 we developed some large scalemobile applications SIP P2T clients, Mobile device management client,Mobile device diagnostics client, Digital paper data routing client, Video sharing client, SIGCOMP protocol, XCAP protocol and many more – for Symbian platforms. Company saw a growth from 8 to over 40 mobile developers during this period.
  • 2007 to 2011 - we started investing retained earnings on Mobile product development again and now we have end user and enterprise product LivePVR (www.livepvrplus.com), Mobile CRM+ (www.mobilecrmplus.com) Server based recording andmonitoring solution (http://livepvr.softtrends.com) sold to users world wide. We stayed together through the recession as we focused in the product development