About us
As we are fighting information overload: each and every one of us has at some time copy/pasted content from the web.  And either emailed/shared it with someone or saved it for future reference – in all likelihood you have done both. How much easier would it be if we could just highlight the parts of a page (that are relevant to us individually) and have them automatically be clipped & saved for us. Or at our option, be easily shared – via email, Facebook, or any medium – with the people we choose to.

Rooh.it does exactly that. Rooh means soul/essence, when you highlight a page you get to the parts most relevant to you.
Sunil Bhatia
Incorporated in 2011
Sunnyvale CA
Rohit Chandra, Founder & CEO
Chandra is inventor of the patent for a Personalized URL (that is today being used by over a Billion users on the web) and a consummate consumer Internet entrepreneur is the Founder & CEO. As a serial entrepreneur, advisor and startup junkie he hosted a unique Talk Radio Show about entrepreneurship called `Sapne Salamat’ that was aired on the largest radio station in NorthAmerica. In 1997 he founded eCode.com, the earliest Social Networking website that attracted millions of users and hundreds of corporate partnerships. Prior to that Rohit was the Founder & CEO of a professional services company called Tech PeopleNet. In the prime of youth - living life on his own terms - he took five years off to travel the world and visited nearly 50 countries. He now lives in Silicon Valley, and this summer, ran the San Francisco half marathon.
Web Publishers, Bloggers and site owners (and everyweb user).
  • Put a highlighter button on your website (and/or browser) and get aggregated reports at a finer level of granularity on what parts of your content is most relevant to your visitors – self-expressed user interest. More than a 100,000 websites already are doing this!
  • Embed a widget that streams the latest highlights in real-times (sort of like “What’s Popular” but at a microscopic level, with the added benefit that site owners can define the scope).
Privately Funded. (and looking for next round)
We are carving a new category on the web called curation with no single consolidated offering in existence. Companies in the business of  Saving web content (like Evernote), Sharing (AddThis), and social Discovery (StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter) may be loosely considered competitive.
We have created a web-based highlighter that never needs you
to signup, no-installation and can be used by anyone. This
seemingly obvious tool has been missing from the WWW because of a huge technology gap that we have uniquely bridged, and protected with an assortment of issued patents.
Prepend rooh.it before any url to start highlighting the page they are on (e.g. rooh.it/yahoo.com will allow you to highlight Yahoo’s home page). Better yet get a highlighter button for your browser from the roohit.com website and highlight any page instantly.
Bloggers & site-owners:
Embed a highlighter button on your blog and get viral distribution of your content. Include a widget that streams your latest highlights in real time from across the web and also display interesting highlights from across the web as determined by interest, domain, users etc. Please see the real-live working product at http://roohit.com
Freemium , SaaS Licensing, Advertising
No installation needed. No registration requirements. Free. Works on any device, operating system, browser…it just works! Numerous patents pending and multiple patents issued. Hungry, ambitious, proven team.
We’d like to build additional partnerships with web properties. As web publishers are looking to learn users’ interests, Rooh.it is the only company on the planet that can aggregate micro-user-user interest: at a finer level of granularity than a web-page.
• Virality for site owners. Anytime a user makes a highlight, it results in a gazillion links back to that site. We always like to meet A+++ people to augument the existing team.
  • Idea conceived & prototyped in Rohit’s bedroom
  • Under the radar
  • In the 25 most POPULAR buttons on Google Toolbar
  • 100,000 websites using embedded highlighters
  • Millions of highlighters served
  • Patents issued
  • 2012 (official launch)