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Polaris Financial Technology Ltd

Polaris Financial Technology Ltd
About us
Founded in 1993, Polaris Software (POLS.BO) is a leading global Financial Technology company headquartered in Chennai. With its comprehensive portfolio of products, smart legacy modernization services and consulting, Polaris offers state-of-the-art solutions for Core Banking, Corporate Banking, Wealth & Asset Management and Insurance. The company has 38 offices in 25 countries which include Bangalore, Belfast, Chennai, Chicago, Dubai, Dublin, Frankfurt, Fremont, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Hyderabad, Illinois, Kuala Lumpur, London, Madrid, Manama, Melbourne, Mississuaga, Mumbai, Neuchatel, New Delhi, New Jersey, Paris, Pittsburgh, Pune, Riyadh, Santiago, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, St. Germain En Laye, Sydney, Thane, Tokyo, Toronto, Utrecht, Victoria and Wicklow.
Sunil Bhatia
Public Listed Company
Arun Jain is the Founder, Chairman and CEO
of  Polaris Software Lab Ltd.
Arun Jain is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of  Polaris  Software Lab Ltd. A recipient of  ‘Indo-ASEAN Business Initiative Award-2008’ in recognition of his busines s initiative in the region for the Information Technology category, he has also been conferred ‘ICICI Venture- CII Connect 2006 Entrepreneur Award’ for his significant contribution towards developing Tamil Nadu as a centre of Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) Excellence.

Arun is on the Board of  Madras Stock Exchange Ltd, a member of Advisory Council of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) for their functioning of the incubation facility and technological innovation in the area of  IT and a key member in the State Level IT Task Force in Tamil Nadu, India.
The chosen partner for 9 of the top 10 global banks and 7 of the top 10 global insurance companies. Clients include Reserve Bank of India, Central Bank of Seychelles, Bank of Montreal, National
Bank of Abu Dhabi, Citibank, HDFC, Saigon Hanoi Bank, Mekong Housing Bank, Al Hilal Bank, CRDB Bank, SBI Funds Management Private Ltd, and others.
An impressive solution offering encompassing all elements of  Banking, Financial Services and Insurance places Polaris in a unique position. Its Intellect™ Global Universal Banking competes with players such as Oracle, SAP Temenos (T-24), and Infosys (Finacle). In the Financial Services outsourcing space, Polaris is counted among the top service providers such as IBM, CapGemini, Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, Wipro and HCL.
Polaris’ primary offering, the Intellect™GTB M 180, is the most comprehensive enterprise transaction banking architecture engineered to deliver enhanced efficiency through every stage of operations in Securities, Cash Management, Liquidity Management, Trade Finance, and Treasury. It is distinctly superior in technology and functionality, and with unprecedented lifecycle assurance. A pure play Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based application suite, it comprises 9 key platforms and over 95 products, for delivering mission-critical solutions for Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Treasury and Liquidity Management, Core Banking, Capital Markets, Asset & Wealth Management and Insurance.
Polaris’s differentiation is its end-to-end product suite – the most comprehensive suite in the global Financial Technology domain. While its solutions can be easily integrated as simple plug-in modules with existing solutions at the client’s end, the Intellect™ GTBM 180 modules are guaranteed to have a scalable lifetime of 15 years. Finally, its smart legacy modernization services enhance critical composite applications for clients, domain expertise and create an expanded global footprint.
Polaris has defined strategies in its pursuit of becoming the global Financial Technology leader. These strategies include the following actions:
  1. Enhancing relationship with its top 20 global customers
  2. Having closer focus on the top 8 accounts within the top 20 accounts
  3. Enhancing its global branding initiative that rein forces its positioning as the global Financial Technology leader
  4. Participating in global events such as Sibos and various other industry forums across geographies
Recently, Polaris’s rolled out the FT Grid, the largest cloud-based FT solution offering with capacity to cater to 100 Million Customers (MC). This will enable Polaris to offer its Financial Technology infrastructure and banking products on a pay-per-use (cloud) model to banks and financial institutions through a ready-to-use platform with industry-standard hardware, middleware, RDBMS and network connectivity components changing the face of  banking globally. IdenTrust™ ad IBM have partnered to provide reliable and scalable Infrastructure for FT Grid. The FT Grid will be offered in three different variants FT Grid 7010 Core Banking, FT Grid 8010 Capital Markets and FT Grid 9010 Corporate Banking. From an IT perspective, the services will significantly add value to the clients, catering to their infrastructure needs through critical drivers that would give it definite edge over its peers in the industry. The new model would enable clients to shift their primary focus solely on core business.

A complete Enterprise-Class Cloud+ Solution with multiple features such as virtualization, scalability, reliability, global reach, 24x7x365 support with vernacular localization and information security, FTGrid enables services to be provided at the client's doorstep. One rupee per customer per week is what this Grid is capable of offering as the cost that customers would incur by opting for this solution (FT Grid 7010 Core Banking) in developing economies such as India, Bangladesh, African Countries and Vietnam.



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