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Decisive Analytical Solutions

Decisive Analytical Solutions
About us
Decisive Analytical Solutions (DAS) is a marketing intelligence company which offers tools and services in both pre-acquisition and post-acquisition customer functions packaged with analytics, engagement workflows and deep web data mining. One of the biggest challenges for a marketing manager is to predict a near-accurate forecast. The forecast can be achieved by past data records. With marketing solutions like campaign data, website data, recommendations, win-backs, lead base, CRM, socialmedia, general web sentiments and product analytics, are available in disparate systems, there is a need to overlay these data to get unified reporting which gives more accurate insights into customer behavior,
effective campaign-able mediums and overall marketing investment and its returns.

The framework enables the marketing team to Manage and Measure Website Leads; Manage and Measure Marketing Campaigns outside the Website; Integrate all PreAcquisition Tools to an Unified Lead Source; Build User/Customer community for their products; Gather User Sentiments across the web around their product; Integrate External CRM tools; Predict Sales Forecast and much more.
Bangalore, India
Vijay Chander, Co-Founder
Vijay Chander, the co-founder of Decisive Analytical Solutions, holds 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. Having worked for brands like Xerox, ICI Dulux with S&M responsibilities, he faced severe challenges getting the right data due to disparate marketing systems. Decisive Analytical Solutions was initiated with the aim to build an unified system which can connect all disparate data sources for sales utilization. He also brings in his sales experience to act as the core internal customer for the product.
Decisive Product Suites are used by more than 200 customers constituting both large and SMEs. Some of our large clients include Microsoft Azure, MSN, Cross-tab Marketing, Borderless Access, IIHT, ITC infotech.
Boot-strapped. No investors yet.
Google, Omniture, Eloqua, Hubspot, Marketo.
Decisive offers a full range of marketing products as a suite, termed BlackBox, which is a bundle of tools for marketing functions. A brief on each tool follows next.
Plumb is a web analytics tool, which helps marketers understand customer behavior on their website, and help the marketing team to communicate with visitors/ leads, through automated communication workflows.
With Engage, marketers can create product related communities to capture user insights and behavior by way of blogs, reviews, and surveys, polls, rating scales, videos & shadow application and identify key product factors by measuring user sentiments for each product.
QuanT5 allows you to perform complex data mining queries on historical click stream data and other keyword crawling across the web and report user buzz, ad buzz and reputation mining. It also gives you the flexibility to generate targeted remarketing lists based on specific segments of visitors‘ online behaviour.
Customers have an increasing number of choices for how they interact with a business—store, call center, ATM, Website—and correlating
information across these channels can provide marketers with unique insights into understanding customer behavior. Multimedium provides business intelligence analysts with the ability to gain rapid and deep business insights across all customer touch points.
The ability to integrate all marketing data sources to drive accurate decisions bundled with intelligent predictive reports are the key differentiators.
Revenue is generated through product services and product customization available as both on-demand and on-premisemodels.
Our technology roadmap is to make our analytical modules available across mediums like set-top-boxes, mobile devices and gaming consoles. Our business roadmap is to create avenues in the global market for our products.
Have acquired more than 200 customers in 18months.