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MoAppz Technologies

MoAppz Technologies

The largest do-it-yourself program that enables anyone to Brainstorm, Create and Release apps for the iOS or any other Android device with zero coding skills required.

Key Executives

Gaurav Sahdev

Gaurav is an experienced multi-disciplinary, founder and business entrepreneur. Sahdev recently created MoAppz, which is defined as a SaaS software platform that allows users to make apps without extensive knowledge, coding or skills. These apps that are created can be used with iPhones and Androids and can be made available worldwide.

What Sets Them Apart
Luckily, the company has been able to give great attention to detail, while still increasing and maintaining. So far, the company is incredibly pleased and about how unique and amazing the
product looks. Extremely relevant and large brands have begun seeking their services, because their brand name will be able to flourish alongside MoAppz. Mobile applications development will be the centre of the focal point. By solely being concentrated on one field, this gives the company the ability to become experts in mobile solutions. The company also sets itself apart by crafting an exceptional mobile user experience and implementing great technologies and applications within MoAppz program.

Profit Model
With the free product, the company has the ability to reserve authority to show advertising in your app. This is just one of the tradeoffs. Another authority that it obtains is in reference to data. The company thinks that over a period of time, this will become meaningful for the company and be the first step in building that relationship. In relation to their paid SaaS products, it can be an annual or monthly charge, which will result in constant updates using their system and access to new functions and features. This will be compatible the newest Apple and Android releases.

The company was born with love in the capital of India, i.e., New Delhi, with a further plan of expansion worldwide.

Zero-Debt company that is completely funded by the founders
without investors.

Founded: The company was born in 2013.

The company can't make known its latest brands and artists, but soon more details will be released.

Employee Count: 9 creative brains on board.

It would be very narrow minded to assume that there are no viable competitors in the mobile space. There are platforms and app creators, but product that is comparable to the standard of excellence that the company have achieved. What the company has designed and built, is what the app experience should be like. Therefore, the only real competition to date, are the custom app agencies that are wrongly informing clients that they must design apps from scratch.

The Future
The company will be at the forefront of mobile apps. Right now it is developing new methods to change the needle on physical commerce. The company has many ideas and concepts in store
for the iPad. One aspect that the company is beginning to tackle involves finding ways to sell physical goods on a mobile device.

MoAppz Created in 2013- Inked Major Brands and Artists in 2013

Website: www.moappz.com