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Mind Media Innovations

Mind Media Innovations

Mind Media Innovations is a private limited company that began operations in the month of September 2012. With offices in Trivandrum, Kerala, India and another one at London, UK, the company specializes in developing apps for popular software platforms like Android and iOS.

Smart-phones have changed people’s perception about the modalities of communication.

With mesmerizing features, the mobile phone in your hand has evolved from being a device for making or receiving calls to a hi-tech gadget for entertainment, communication, networking and what not. The rapid advancements in other platforms such as social media and tablets also have initiated a huge leap in the communication media arena.

The growing demand for mobile phones and other networking devices have opened newer and wider vistas for mobile development companies to bring in engaging and dynamic apps on different creative themes and concepts. The past decade has seen the coming of various new platforms like Android, Bada,Symbian etc. for mobile apps development. With the advancement and increasing demand of mobile app solutions, every application has something new to offer.

Other than networking and entertainment, people have latched onto the mobile platform for marketing also. This is where Mind Media Innovations Pvt. Ltd. steps in.With core competencies in developing apps based on a wide range of available platforms like iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Java and more, the company is committed to delivering user-friendly apps to both enterprise and consumer markets. With a pool of highly trained resources, proven and time-tested processes, the company offers doubly beneficial outsourcing delivery model with a powerful value proposition for
businesses looking at IT outsourcing.

The company provides its clients with complete solutions for custom mobile development in a cost-effective and time bound manner. The company also uses state of- the-art technologies and frameworks to develop apps that are robust, scalable and high performing, with secured architecture and that which helps customers accelerate their business cycle, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and extend their enterprise infrastructure.

Key Executive

K Narayanan Nair

Narayanan is a Degree holder (Bachelor of Commerce) from
Kerala University. He has completed diploma in Data
Base Management Systems from L.B.S Centre for Science
and technology. His excellent Analytical and Organizational
skills and ability to work as a team leader contributes to the
success of the company.

Major Milestones
•5 Android applications
•1 iOS application and 5 Websites

Differentiating Factors
• A good mix of fresh and experienced personals
• Timely delivery
• Stick to commitments and deadlines

Revenue Model
• Mobile Advertisements
• Revenue through industrial apps and software

July 13, 2012

7 (Lalith Flora, Ramachandran Textiles, Silver Castle Construction Company)

Investors: Self-Funded

Company website: www.mindmediainnovations.com

Employee Count:14

25/2953(2), Old GPO Building,Near Ayurveda College,
Phone: +91 471 257 1001
Mob: +91 9447255919
+91 9746928625

United Kingdom
St John street EC1V 4PW, London
Phone: +447 448 641 504