Marketo Labz

Marketo Labz

About the Company

The market landscape is blooming and it is quite positive for digital marketing in the current scenario. With internet being the backbone of the society, sooner or later every business that is offline is going to realize the need of digital marketing. Digital is the new home for audiences across different industries and nobody can afford to overlook this fact. This in turn, calls for a need to explore digital marketing as the major way forward.

Established in 2016, Marketo Labz – is one-year young end-to-end digital marketing agency which helps big companies become irresistible to customers and unstoppable in the marketplace by implementing ROI-focused marketing strategies that attract fans and followers, systematically increase leads and subscribers, and geographically growing the sales and revenues for the customers’ business. With more than a decade’s experience in digital marketing industry, the founding team of Marketo Labz has created a niche for itself in creative and digital space with their clientele list comprising of the best IT companies and marketers of the world!

Addressing the Challenges

Indians have the tendency to seek an instant ROI for their businesses through digital marketing. They tend to overlook the fact that brands need a full-fledged online marketing process to create a rooting for the businesses first before running after online-sales.

The solution to this problem lies in educating the brands with some level of free consulting which makes the prospective decision makers aware of advantages of digital marketing provided they are in it for the long-term and digital as a channel gives the best ROI compared to other means. Moving towards this objective Marketo Labz provides a unique range of services which includes Social Media Marketing and Optimization (SMM & SMO), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM - Google Adwords, etc.), Content Writing and Marketing, Blogging, Sales funnel optimization, Website Design and Development, App Store Optimization and App Marketing.

Differentiating Factors

Marketo Labz leaves no stone unturned when it comes to catering a company with digital services right from offering end-to-end website design, app development, social media, lead generation or sales services.

Another differentiating factor is that the founders of Marketo Labz hold great experience of having executed few of the best digital campaigns while working for companies like IBM, Infosys and Sonata Software. A key highlight is also that he was one of the 6 internet marketing consultants in the team of Neil Patel, the world’s Top Digital Marketer.


The expertise of Marketo Labz is very well reflected through its clientele which includes names like –

  • Skoda
  • Digital Jalebi
  • Debelle
  • Tent Cinema
  • Znack
  • My Deals and Coupons
  • Rajddeep tissues
  • Rereeti
  • Nfactorial Analytics

Organizational Culture

Based out of Bangalore, Marketo Labz is a friendly, open cultured organization which follows a flat structure. Every member of the team has an equal opportunity to express themselves, be it work or otherwise. The culture is not just about work but also includes off-work outings for team bonding. The team at Marketo Labz is full of self motivated and focused professionals who enjoy work and their time at office.

Harboring Innovation

Constant learning is the only way of innovation. At Marketo Labz, we stress on experiential learning where we are not afraid to commit mistakes, as that is the only way of evolution. A lot of our team effort goes into continuous learning and implementing the new trends to practices as it is very necessary to keep up in the fast changing domain where technology changes every day. The earlier we grab hold of a technology or a trend, it is for the better of the company and the same can then be used by us to meet our clients’ objectives.

Go-to-Market Plans

With a vision to expand its reach, Marketo Labz is continuously working to establish itself in the local Indian markets. Prior to this the company has plans to explore external markets across the globe with strategic structures.


Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2016

2) Funding information: Self funded-bootstrapped

3) Founding members: One Founder

4) Office locations: Jaaga Startup, Richmond Road, Bangalore

5) Company strength: End-to-end Digital Marketing services

6) Website: www.marketolabz.com