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Established in 2016, GobbleOnline is amongst the smartest home food delivery service providers in Bengaluru which... more>>

Eat Social

Eat Social is a social revolution on how and what you eat every day. It is a platform for sharing home cooked food.... more>>

Oota Box

Anytime during the week, we will ping you with the latest offer running on any of our services, one who replies first... more>>

Tadka Singh

Tadka SinghTadka SinghTadka SinghTadka SinghTadka Singh Tadka SinghTadka SinghTadka SinghTadka SinghTadka Singh... more>>

Behrouz Biryani

With changing times, the trends are also changing in India. Earlier people were hesitant about trying something new,... more>>