About us
LeewayHertz designs and develops iPhone, iPad and Android apps for enterprises. Our team has decades of combined experience in creating apps, for use within enterprises.We focus on achieving an optimal user experience, while accomplishing the business objectives of our customers. This approach helps us create engaging, highly intuitive and profitable apps.

Established in Chicago, we are a mobile app development company with our own state of the art development center in New
Delhi.We were among the first developers, to deliver commercial apps for the iPhone platform. Led by a team of HIDE certified design experts, we have delivered over 250+ apps in both the enterprise and consumer app space.

We Excel In:
• Enterprise Apps • Engaging User Interfaces
• Intuitive User Experiences • Challenging Deadlines
Akash Takyar
Akash Takyar
Under the guidance ofAkash, LeewayHertz has grown quickly, attracting world-class talent to the company. His mastery of usability, interface design and system architecture has motivated the company to create aesthetically beautiful, useful and highly functional applications. Akash has a Master's Degree in Computer Applications from Indraprastha University. He has also been awarded the prestigious Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award and was nominated for Most Popular Entrepreneur by Sun Microsystems Sun Startup Essentials.
Chicago, New York and New Delhi
ESPN, NASCAR, McKinsey, Johnson & Johnson, U.S. Army, Laser Pegs, Proctor & Gamble, GeoEye, AstellasPharma and Euromonitor.
Mobile solutions companies based in India and the U.S.
Mobile App Strategy: Our mobile consultants help companies achieve theirmobile objectives by understanding the full life cycle of each project.We construct a roadmap, to meet your business goals. We leverage our application strategy experience; with an understanding of your competition, and your audience to deliver the right solution for you.

Mobile App Development:We work on allmajor platforms with our expertise being on the iPhone, iPad and Android. We offer end-to-end app development services from concept creation, UX and UI design, creative design, development, testing to deployment.

User Interface and Experience Design: We understand howcrucial a positive user experience is for a successful app. That is why we have
assembled a world-class user interface and user experience team. We craft intuitive interfaces which engage and retain users.

Quality Assurance, Testing and Development:
We provide ad-hoc releases of apps in progress, to companies so that they are part of the fine-tun- ing process. We deploy the app to our client's chosenmarketplace,whether that is on theApple AppStore,AndroidMarket or distributed internally within a company.
1. Fixed Time and Cost Project Model
2. Dedicated TeamsModel (DTM)
We differentiate ourselves by creating application with aesthetic designs and user interface (UI). Being one of the first authorized app developers
by Apple and technology experts, we have the capability and team to build the most challenging applications with highly interactive user interface and designs.
• 2007 - Founded and built firstmobile application, for first generation iPhone
• 2010 -Awarded by NASSCOMand SiliconIndia
• 2010 - Incorporated Chicago office
• 2011 - Delivered over 150 applications
• 2012 - Delivered over 250 applications for various enterprises including ESPN, NASCAR and U.S.Army