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About us
Ennovasys is a machine-to-machine Company providing cloud based solutions using wireless and sensor based technologies.We offer solutions in fourmain aspects ofM2Mmarket including Telematics, Security,mobile enterprise, and infrastructuremanagement. Our solutions are built on wireless technologies like RFID, GPRS,WiFi, GPS and sensors.We have invested last 2 years in building various M2M solutions. These solutions have been tested and implemented at customer locations. We look out to grow these solutions globally through partnerships, direct deployments our offerings include end-to-end solutions, like hardware, software and implementation in the M2M space. Ennovasys has received various awards over the last few years.
Uday Shankar
Uday Shankar
Uday has served in companies like Infosys, Kanbay (CapGemini),Metaserver and Supply Insight. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Uday has built considerable experience in enterprise products, RFID and GPS technology. He brings the skills and experience in building technology companies.
India, USA, Egypt, SaudiArabia, Singapore and Denmark.
Ennovasys is a privately held company with an initial investment fromfounders, friends and family. Malar
OurCompetitors include large supply chain solution providers and RFID GPS solution companies.
1. Our clientele includes logistics companies which needs visibility of the fleet along with the goods that are being moved from point to point. We offer in-transit visibility at the itemlevel along with vehicle Telematics.
2. Education institutions like schools and colleges where visibility of the children when they are in campus and in-transit combined with automatic attendance.
3. Online order taking companies which needs remote printing using GPRS technologies.
4. Manufacturing and infrastructure based companies which needs to monitor theirmachines and assets remotely
1. Vehicle Telematics and in-transit visibility solution using RFID, GPS and GPRS technologies.
2. Smart Campus tracking solution for Schools, Colleges using RFID, GPS and GPRS technologies
3. Remote Monitoring and Printing using M2M technologies.
4. Mobile Workforce Management solution with enterprise integration

Hardware Products:
1. GPS devices for enterprise customers
2. UHF RFID and GPS integrated device
3.M2M Remote Printers
4. M2M Remote Monitoring Device
5. 2.4 GHz Active RFID and GPS integrated device
6.HF, RFID and GPS integrated device.
Ennovasys provides expertise in Machine-to-Machine, Enterprise Mobility, RFID, and GPS integrated solutions, Remote Printing and Remote Monitoring areas. We offer complete solution including software, hardware and services which helps the customers and partners to reduce their go-to market time. Ennovasys also invests considerable amount of time in Research and Development to bring out new product and solutions.
We provide complete solution including hardware, software & Services. This allows our Partners and customers to get ROI immediately. Our solutions are cloud enabled. With channel partners we have profit sharing model and distribution model. Our revenue comes from:
1. Hardware sales
2. Software licensing
3. Implementation and Other services.
Our next step is to expand our marketing activities both directly and through channel partners. The next two years plan is to acquire more customers and enhance the product features. Build new M2M Solutions. Look for institutional investors for market expansion.
2013-14 Solution enhancements and Market expansion in the current geographic areas
2014-15 Expand into new markets and verticals
2016-18 Consolidations and integration