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Today the issue of unemployment continues to grab the headlines. The average unemployment duration period is over nine months. Job seekers are struggling to land a job quickly and reduce the time spent in job transition in this difficult, challenging and time consuming job market. With this challenging market, corporations are flooded with resumes for every job opening, many from job seekers who are over or underqualified for the open positions. In addition, job search support service providers, such as college career centers or corporate benefit services, are in a difficult position to justify their value as the services they offer are not always enough to help a job seeker land a job quickly in this difficult economy. Finally, corporations are looking for alternatives to reduce outplacement costs in the wake of increased layoffs.

To address these challenges, the comprehensive JobPad job search management and automation software was developed. This software platform provides various tools and approaches for job seekers to reduce unemployment time significantly. JobPad helps job seekers land a job quickly by combining proven and structured processes, automation tools and actionable intelligence. JobPad platform provides various tools and approaches for job seekers to reduce unemployment time significantly. JobPad helps job seekers land a job quickly by combining proven and structured processes, automation tools and actionable intelligence.
August 2009
North Brunswick, New Jersey with offices in India
Gopal Vemuri, President & CEO
Key targets are job seekers, career coaches, college career centers, corporate benefit services and government workforce development centers. In the company’s beta period (Jan. through Nov. 2011), its software has been validated by thousands of job seekers and a number of influential career coaches and college career centers. JobPad’s private-label version has been deployed and integrated at an award-winning job search portal and others. The tool is expected to be deployed nationally beginning in the first quarter of 2012.
According to the company’s founder, there are no firms that offer similar tools featuring the breadth and depth JobPad. Some firms, provide point solutions or a utility that addresses only one or two pain points in the job search life cycle.
JobPadHq.com's proprietary, patent-pending software platform “Job-Pad” and “JobClipper” incorporate job search best practices and advanced techniques and utilities that can save job seekers up to 60 hours a month. Additionally, contextually intelligent data provides a disruptive advantage to JobPad users.

JobPad is designed to be an advocate for the job seeker. This tool allows users to find, store, and organize all aspects of the job hunt in one place; from helping seekers target their job search to match their qualifications, integrating networking in the job search process, storing resumes, applications and post-interview follow ups, to helping seekers organize their activity.

JobPad’s he private label solution also arms corporations and career services professionals with relevant user data to proactively help their clientswhile reducing service costs up to 90%, and helping their clients land new employment more quickly and efficiently.
In the next six months, the company will roll out multiple new features which will give distinct advantages to JobPad customers using techniques such as information visualization, graph analysis, and collective intelligence. The company will significantly increase partnerships with key stakeholders in the job search ecosystem to provide an enhanced experience to JobPad users. JobPadHQ also plans to extend its reach to corporate customer segments and raise capital.
The major differentiating factor is JobPadHq.com's comprehensive solution with a clear focus on job seeker needs, as opposed to point solutions such as resume distribution or contact management. It uses a proprietary 5-forces™ framework with an emphasis on a targeted, time-reduction approach in landing a job, which none of its competitors offer. The company has entered into a strategic agreement with a leading content provider and a large network of career coaches. JobPad nicely fits into the job search and career services industries as a complementary product which can magnify the capabilities of service providers without competing with existing solutions.
JobPadHQ.com receives revenue thru subscriptions from retail job seekers. It also receives revenues from licensing and deploying private label solutions to corporations, career centers, and workforce development centers. Another stream of revenue comes from offering services via JobPad platform.