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Harbour Front

Harbour Front

Today, Mobile Apps have become part and parcel of each and everyone’s lives. These apps range from regular productivity apps like account management to games, from entertainment to lifestyle, from books to movies.. You name it and it’s available to you and we do just that!

Harbour Front is a leading mobile services company and we help companies get into that niche market of mobile apps.

• We develop apps, messaging and mobile web solutions on demand for our customers.
• We also provide a portfolio of white-label solutions for jump starting mobile services.
• Harbour Front has specialized in developing mobile strategies, helping organisations determine how to integrate mobile in their existing strategies, communication and work flows. We have a team of experienced mobile services experts that help customers to develop a winning mobile strategy. Together, we have experience from launching many successful mobile services with 100,000s of users and high demands on performance and service – everything from streaming solutions to mobile networks
• We also provide App Management services like managing, updation, app porting and recycling.

Key Executive

Magnus Ahlden

As a CEO, Magnus oversees the strategy and product development with a strong focus on creating sustainable solutions that makes mobile solutions affordable and usable for more people. Magnus has more than a decade’s experience in the mobile services industry - with experience from Hutchison Telecom, 3 and TeliaSonera. Magnus has the valuable experience of working in different countries of different continents which has brought a very diverse and enriching projects adding value to this vast knowledge of mobile services.

Revenue Model
The revenue generation is done in two ways
• Per project
• Per hour
Revenue is also generated through licensing if the company requires it. Licensing also adds considerably to the revenue.

Our clients are majorly European clients ranging from Major TV operators to Retail and to communications companies like TeliaSonera, ComHem, Vodafone, 3, just to name a few.

Major milestones
2009 - We added App Management to our already vast portfolio of mobile services.
2011 - India calling! - We started our office in India.

Differentiating Factors
Experienced - Started in 2007 and have a large number of major corporations as clients.

Efficient - With a large number of completed projects, they have all the know-how to efficiently launch a new service. No trial and error.

Quality - They proudly deliver the best quality of apps.

Foreseeing - They keep doing research so that they are always ahead of the market and time and  hence are able to deliver the newest possible solutions.

Employee Count : 15

Investors : Privately Held

Founded : 2007

Mumbai, India
Stockholm, Sweden

Road Map
With the ever increasing demand of mobile services all around the world, there is lot more that can be and to be done. Harbour Front plans to keep continuing and adding more mobile services with the onset of every technological change in the industry. Now that we are in India, we are focusing on Asian markets.