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Halosys is a leading provider of Mobile Solutions and Enterprise Mobility Platform. The company delivers a suite of pre-built apps and the HaloMEM platform, which gives customers the ability to efficiently create custom applications. HaloMEM addresses the challenges around mobile applications that require complex backend connectivity into enterprise applications as well as data stores regardless of their location i.e cloud on-premise, or hybrid cloud. With dedication to Mobile First philosophy, Halosys solutions allow for the speedy development, deployment, and management of Enterprise Mobile Apps that suit the individual needs of various enterprises to help mobilize their employees, partners, and customers.

The company provides comprehensive mobility solutions that include Enterprise Mobile App Lifecycle Management, along with the associated Support Services.

Our Team

Avinash, Srikanth, Manish, Van Nguyen, Sriram, Jagdish, Anuj, Rizwan, Alex, Jemini, Ashish, Amit, Manoj, Imran, Sunil, Gaurav Yadav, Himanshu, Gaurav Soin, Deepti, Ashraf, Dinesh, Michael,  Rashid, Raj, Naveen, Priyesh, Tanmay, Vikas, Harry, and 50+ other Halosys Mobile enthusiasts

Differentiating Factors

• Scalable architecture
• Flexible backend server for custom mobile apps
• Tiered security at per app or use level including securing data: at rest, in transit, when transacting at HaloMeM
• Pre-packaged customizable apps

Major Milestones

• Launched Enterprise Mobility Solutions & Services
• Launched mAppStore: A white labeled Enterprise Mobile AppCenter for companies to launch and manage Mobile apps
• HaloMEM, Mobile Enterprise Middleware was launched based on customer feedback and need in  the market
• Added Automotive & Connected Car as a unit
• HaloMEM evolved and morphed as an Enterprise mBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service)
• Enterprise Ready Apps launched and deployed at customer sites
• mColleagues - corporate directory collaboration app
• mDialer- one click conference calling app
• mApprovals- enables pending approval requests from multiple data sources in one mobile app
• Halosys Enterprise Apps made available through Aruba Workspace and Citrix Verified programs
• Recognized as '20 Most promising Enterprise Mobile Companies by CIO Review'

Vision For The Future

Over the years Halosys has developed a matured ecosystem that helps it effectively provide a complete Managed Mobility Solution. By partnering with technology giants like SAP, proven Enterprise Security providers like Citrix and Aruba, and M2M cloud platform providers like Aeris and Appcelerator, Halosys ensures that its clients are always confident in their decision to mobilize their business with Halosys.

The company's vision is to build enterprise mobility solutions with the flexibility of customization and adherence to Mobile First philosophy. The solutions are aimed at removing redundant complexity around the key attributes of policy and security enforcement while providing the right visibility for the IT administrators. Halosys will continue to establish technology partnerships and integrate its solutions in an enterprise friendly ecosystem aimed at simplifying operations, administration, and maintenance.

• Headquarters: Santa Clara, CA
• New Delhi, India
• Pune, India

Founded: 2005

Employee Count: 75-100

Investors: Undisclosed

Competitors: Kony Inc., Magnet Systems, Taptera

Clientele: 25-30
Our clientele include large Fortune 1000 companies from various industries such as enterprise, data centers, M2M, education, and healthcare.

Website: www.halosys.com

Email: hello@halosys.com

Mobile: +1 (800) 531-HALO