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Geeky Works
About us
Geeky Works is a fast growing global provider of (IT) solutions specializing in mobile app development. Founded in the year 2011, they provide a competitive advantage to their clients by endowing them with high quality and cost effective solutions. They collaborate with their customers at every step to design end-to-end tailored solutions distinctively catering to their specific requirements. They have gathered experience in different verticals like Hospitality, Media, Entertainment, Real Estate, Energy, Healthcare and many more.
Ankit Khatri
Founder & CEO:Anant Singh
Anant Singh
Anant Singh is a graduate from Temple University, Philadelphia. He has successfully managed global marketing and communication departments of several Multi National companies like Magnon International and AllianceMax. With that rich experience and an insatiable desire to innovate, he founded Geeky Works in 2011.
Employee count:
Funding Information:
Self Funded
Date of establishment:
  • Mobile Application / Game Development - iOS, Android and Windows (Native Application Development, Hybrid Application Development, Cross-Platform Application Development, Mobile Website Development)
  • Web / Mobile site development
  • Consulting
  • Branding and designing
Secrets to Success:
They believe in being the best in business.
In 2011, the company started with offering a wide array of services like PPC Marketing, SEO, Development, and Social Media Marketing. Soon, they realized that rather than just diversifying their portfolio right at the onset they would master one service at a time before expanding further. Hence, they turned their focus to mobile app development and soon emerged as one of India’s leading firms in this field. Besides their core functionality, they also undertake web development, branding and specialized consultancy for their valuable clients.

They value people – The ones they are working for as well as the ones working for them
The journey became easier when they got the right people on board, motivated them to take up what they loved to do, and gave them the freedom and the responsibility to deliver great work. At the same time, they became selective about the people they work for. They work very hard to find clients who appreciate excellence. Great clients motivate them and make them strive to deliver better quality every time, which demarcates their services from the rest.
Besides, they try hard to provide value to their customers in terms of transparency, ease of understanding and customized services at each step. They understand that every client is unique and cater to their requirements in an exclusive way. These are the reasons which helped them acquire an inspiring client base ranging from industry biggies like Reliance Energy, TOTO, BookMyCab to popular personalities like Shaili Chopra and Raqesh Vashisth.
Road Map:
  • To expand their presence in countries like U.K. and U.S.
  • To form strategic alliance with global IT companies and bring in new business
  • To optimize processes to make sure that they continue to deliver great work, efficiently
Tel: IN : 08600739763 / 08826407004