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Aptsource is a growing software company with offices in India and the UK with a clear focus in Healthcare. Many of the senior IT professionals at Aptsource have earlier worked for eminent Healthcare poduct organizations like Siemens Medical ,GE and Genpact and have a fairly good understanding of the Healthcare industry drawn from several person years invested into product development for provider as well as payer segments. Aptsource helps its customers and partners with IT solutions for business, on time and within budget, by leveraging their global experience, reusable software assets and effective RAD platforms like REGO for software development in areas of BPM aided compliance management for select verticals like Healthcare.
  While Aptsource continues to work on several projects for various segments of Healthcare in areas of EMR, PACS integration, reimbursement and others ,it also has launched its flagship productAptcare (both clinic and hospital versions) for Healthcare providers. AptCare is a workflow centric EMR that is available for use by group practices, specialty clinics, medical centers and hospitals. Aptsource has been established for 5 years and have a global client base particularly in US, UK and India.
Kolkata, Lancashire, New Jersey
Manisha Chowdhury, MD
Manisha Chowdhury has more than nineteen years of experience in IT. She has held senior leadership positions in various multinational organizations and has evolved as a specialist in multi-site distributed software engineering practices and IT service delivery management.
  Prior to taking up this role she was the head of a captive offshore delivery center of Siemens Information Systems Limited in Kolkata, focused on Healthcare product development for Siemens Medical Solutions, U.S. Before Siemens she has served a string of reputed multinationals namely GE, 7 Technologies, RS Software, Sema Schlumberger and others.
EMPLOYEES: 11-50 employees
Acclaris Inc, Napier Healthcare, Magnifico Inc, Sydnia. Xtuple, Orga Systems
Founders and Webel Venture Capital Limited (since Dec 2009)
AptCare an integrated new generation Clinic and Hospital Management Software which has been designed to cover awide range of administration and management processes for care delivery. It offers a completely configurable system which can adapt to changing global standards of healthcare governance for management and integration of clinical, financial and administrative functions for care delivery.
  REGO platform can be used for quickly building and automating workflow for knowledge intensive processes REGO also plays a critical role in helping organizations make compliance strategy a reality - shifting from manual and resource-intensive methods to a plan that emphasizes on good business practices and processes that are in compliance with current and future regulatory requirements, and that can be reported on in real-time.
In the coming years the company plans to accelerate its healthcare solution business with Aptcare while also growing its professional service business around REGO driven consulting and workflow automation for select verticals like Healthcare and Lifescience at a healthy rate.
T&M and fixed price for services and transaction based for product (apart from site license model).
Aptsource was founded by a bunch of enthusiastic IT professionals with a vision to use technology not only for maximization of profit but also for social benefits. How could professionals possibly use their knowledge and expertise to make a difference in the society and lives of common people? Healthcare was chosen as the area of focus and to achieve the end goals lot of emphasis was laid on quick turnaround of cost effective solutions truly engineered from further extension, integration and assembly of pre-built software work products rather than developing software from scratch i.e. reinvent wheel.
Aptsource plans to continue and consolidate on their stable and existing service business which comprises mostly of offshore development for product companies in the healthcare sector in the US and UK.
  The focus will be to scale up substantially to leverage opportunities and credibility built over the last years. A six fold increase in turnover in the next three years is planned.
  While continuing with focused solution and service business in Healthcare for developed markets, the growth should also get accelerated from sale of own product AptCare and REGO based solutions in emerging markets. Year 1-3 the service and product business should reach a state of balance with a ratio of 40:60 respectively.