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Althea Systems
About us
Althea Systems is an exciting young online video technology startup. Althea was started with a vision to build phenomenally successful global products out of India.

Online video is exploding. Thanks to growing bandwidth, easy access to the means of production, and cheap storage, it's exploding all around us and becoming a very real, very different way to experience entertainment & news.
Althea is building innovative products to fundamentally change the way people discover and consume videos on the web. Shufflr, their flagship product, is a Social Video Browser for the Desktop, Web, Facebook and Mobile (iPhone andAndroid). Shufflr today has users from over 150 countries.
FOUNDED BY: Kishore AK, Vijaya Sagar, Rajnish & Vinod Gopinath
June 2009
Kishore AK (CEO, Co-Founder)
Kishore is the Co-Founder & CEO of Althea Systems. He is responsible for setting the company’s direction and product strategy, as well as running day to day operations. Prior to his ongoing stint as an entrepreneur he used to develop software at EmSyS, Samsung, TrueSpan and SiRF, mostly as a part of multi-location and cross functional product teams. He has represented these companies on the working groups of various wireless standards. He is an open source enthusiast and enjoys contributing to community development projects.

In his free time, he advises early stage companies on product design, online marketing and social media strategy. Kishore is also a mentor for the Lenovo Do Network, a platform for turning ideas into action. Kishore enjoys helping entrepreneurs turn their ideas into products and companies.
Intel Capital
Youtube, Hulu,
Yahoo! Video
www.altheasystems.com & shufflr.tv
Shufflr is the brand new way to discover, watch and share videos on the web. It’s your single window into the vast online video universe. With Shufflr you spend less time searching and more time watching. The Shufflr ‘Daily Fix’picks the best videos from your world and brings them to you, everyday.

Also see what videos your friends are watching, celebs are sharing, trending videos, breaking news and more.

Shufflr is everything you wanted from social video at one place. Shufflr has hit the road and is available for you to play (Shufflr apps are available for Desktop, Web, Facebook and Mobile). People from all over the world are experiencing Shufflr right now.
The biggest trend we are seeing right now is the shift to computing on mobiles. The global mobile industry is themost vibrant and fastest growing industry. We recognize this as a major paradigm shift. Unlike the Internet boom we believe this boomwill not be localized in the US. For succeeding in mobile, the solutionswill have to be simple to understand and easy to use.

Most solutions we see today are neither. The solutions will need to be built ground up. Building technology and adapting our products around Mobile will be the main areas of  focus for us in the coming years.
Some people still think that the rise of social media is a fad. At Althea, we believe that the web is being rebuilt around people. It is re-orienting itself around how we interact offline. We are using the Social data in unique and innovative ways to help our users discover the most relevant videos for them. The entire discovery process comes packaged in a rich and immersive experience to users on Shufflr.
Premium Content Sales & Brand Advertising.
June 2009 - Incorporation
Aug 2009 - Prototype
Sep 2009 - Angel Investment
June 2010 - Shufflr Desktop
July 2010 - Series A investment from Intel Cap
May 2011 - Shufflr Web
July 2011 - Shufflr Mobile (iOS &Android)
January 2012 - Shufflr FacebookApp